More women are lighting up than ever. According to a new report from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC), just as many women are smoking weed as men.


The best way to pass a hair follicle test? Washing your hair using products like Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo might help.

Hair Follicle

Under their newly elected president Emmanuel Macron, the French government has announced its plan to introduce a law ending prison terms for cannabis use.


From the Reefer Madness to Easy Rider and the stoner buddy movies of Seth Rogen and James Franco, your favorite plant has a long history in Hollywood.

started smoking weed

Tupac helped make the Fila 96GL basketball sneaker the must-haves of the day. Now, Fila is re-releasing them, designed by retired NBA legend Grant Hill.

Fila 96GL

The American Legion is urging President Trump to make good on one of his central campaign promises: improving the lives of veterans.

On a day like Memorial Day, we have to reaffirm our commitment to the fight for safe medical cannabis access for all Veterans.

Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

Because it can be used in almost in any situation, the WYD meme has become one of the more popular weed-centric memes on the Internet.


Sure, pot may not be the answer to all your prayers. But when it comes to having endless, mind-blowing orgasms, weed has your back.


Cycling with Parkinson’s Disease? Here’s why one man set out to bike across South Dakota with the help of medical cannabis and a supportive community.

Ride With Larry

Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, and Ludacris are just some of the headliners for Chalice, America’s largest music, glass, hash, and art festival.


Forget Central Park – the subways of New York City are now pretty green, too, thanks to a groundbreaking poster campaign by Vireo Health.

Vireo Health

Everything in life is best enjoyed while high. Whether it be your favorite meal or going to see a movie, it’s always ten times better when you’re stoned.


As cannabis legalization spreads and the stigma starts to fade, people are becoming more confident expressing their love for the herb with tattoos.


Unless you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal on all fronts (sorry), you’ve been to a dispensary and no-doubt had a funny experience.


Cannabis and sex is a far better pairing than bread and butter. Keep doses on the low side, and for many, the herb is a friendly yet powerful aphrodisiac.


A good smoke trick can be a show-stopper when smoking your favorite bud, as some tricks show a sophistication and control of the smoke.

How to roll a joint using a rolling machine

In many European nations, it is common practice to smoke cannabis and tobacco together, introducing to a whole host of health problems.


15-year-old Taylor Rehmeyer has been battling with a rare brain tumor, chemotherapy radiations, but believes it’s cannabis that finally cured her.

Taylor Rehmeyer

Thanks to KushMoji and their pot-friendly emojis, marketing THC is going to be a lot easier, and tokers will no longer have to use that leafy tree.


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