Oral Clear gum is a welcome addition to the Clear Choice product line, offering consumers a fast and discrete way to neutralize their breath.

Oral Clear gum

Cannabis oil stopped CJ Harris’ epilepsy-related seizures, but Federal law means he’s still not allowed to take his dose at school.

CJ Harris

For years, cannabis stereotypes and marketing have been geared towards young adults, but there’s a new demographic on the rise.

Weed-Loving Moms

First, it’s best not to judge, because not everyone is in the know. Still, with that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at this herb grinder review.

herb grinder

Cannabis-induced panic attacks are very real, depending on the strain, manner of ingestion (smoking, edibles), and level of experience.

Cannabis-Induced Panic Attacks

An Australian boy with Cerebral Palsy has been taken from his parents after authorities disagreed with their use of cannabis oil.

Chase Walker-Stevens

A small study just found that medical cannabis patients showed improvement in cognitive functioning after three months of treatment.


If you’ve been using cannabis for a long time, you may find yourself having to smoke more weed to get a buzz, as your tolerance is too high.


Since last week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians came on, people are losing their minds. It turns out, everyone’s favorite sister may like pot.


There will be a study at Washington State University that will pay people to smoke weed and get high, and they need volunteers.

Need to pass a drug test? Unfortunately, cannabis can be difficult to clear from your system. Here are some handy products that might help.

Drug Test

Would you hazard a guess as to what Canadians are paying for their weed? The price discrepancies in different regions might surprise you.


Three years ago, seven-year-old Nattaly Brown was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer that affects tissue and lymph nodes.

Nattaly Brown

This week’s Women in Weed is entrepreneur and cannabis industry veteran Amy Diiullo, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Willie’s Reserve.

Amy Diiullo

Getting caught smoking weed is a rite of passage that most smokers have to go through, which can also lead to some of the funniest of stories.


Cotton mouth is a common and unfortunate side effect of cannabis. If you’re tired of having a dry mouth, these 10 tips will help get rid of it.

Cotton mouth

One of the Canadian Liberal government’s biggest reasons for wanting to legalize cannabis was to get rid of the black market.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to smoke weed with their parents, and it’s a shame, as getting high with them can be liberating, as well as enlightening.


Every minute in the United States, someone gets arrested for cannabis possessions. Here’s what you should you do if you’re unlucky enough to be caught.


U.S. drug policy suffered a major setback last week when Jeff Sessions instructed prosecutors to pursue harsher charges against non-violent drug offenders.

Jeff Sessions

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