A U.S. physician and New Zealand’s Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne have gotten themselves into a scuffle over medical cannabis.

new zealand

Smoking weed for the first time can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. But in reality, it’s not as bad as what you may have heard.

first time

Why is it so hard for some politicians to tell the truth about cannabis? Especially Gov. Christie, who has said some of the dumbest things imaginable.

chris christie

When Parkinson’s disease stopped a young artist from creating, technology saved the day with a wrist-worn wearable that has helped reduce her tremors.

emma watch

Soon, you’ll be able to buy your munchies, cigarettes, and weed from a vending machine, if American Green has anything to do it with.

Cannabis Vending Machines

The bell pepper bong can be used as a last resort (if you don’t have anything to smoke with), or just as something different.

bell pepper bong

Dr. Dabber is mostly known for vape pens, but their collection has grown to include glass and accessories that will definitely get your attention.

Dr. Dabber

From what it’s like to be high to how much bud you should buy, we’ve answered 15 of the most commonly asked first-time weed smoker questions.


This week’s Woman in Weed is Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services, an all-natural and sustainable dispensary and cultivation facility located in Denver, Colorado

Amy Andrle

Like the use of a peace pipe, it was the smoking of a joint that bonded Charlie Hunnam with Guy Ritchie, the director of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Charlie Hunnam

If you love video games just as much as you love getting high, then here are eight products that bring the best of both worlds together.


Dream of getting paid to work with cannabis? We’re here to help you achieve those dreams by answering five of the most commonly asked industry questions,

Cannabis Industry

Medical cannabis patients can face a lot of gruff. Here are nine truths that every medical consumer probably knows all too well.

Medical Cannabis Patient

Have you ever wanted to know how much the price of weed varies from state to state? Does legality play a role in how much you pay for your green?


When a police officer in Georgia pulled Katelyn Ebner over in April 2016, the waitress didn’t think she had anything to worry about.

Katelyn Ebner

Cannabis, like wine, needs clean soil and air to grow the lush, beautiful, buds that every connoisseur has come to know and love.


It’s not always easy to know exactly what you’re getting when you walk into a dispensary.Budbo is the app that will make the process a little simpler.


Instead of posting images to Instagram that offended an entire nation, Wiz is back in the spotlight with yet another weedmix.

If you want to a chance to be featured in our weekly top 10, include the hashtag #HERBWeedPorn on your next Instagram post!


In the post-legalization states, such as Colorado, cannabis connoisseurs can tie the knot with weed weddings, or a “weeding.”

weed weddings

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