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In the post-legalization states, such as Colorado, cannabis connoisseurs can tie the knot with weed weddings, or a “weeding.”

weed weddings

There’s getting high and then there’s getting even higher, as VICELAND has shown, by spending a spliff into space to celebrate 420.


For those who want to add a little cannabis into their yoga practice, here are nine pot products that are perfect for weed-loving yogis.


After an almost decade-long NASCAR racing hiatus, Carl Long attempts to seek an ad deal from a Colorado-based CBD extract producer.


Using a chocolate bunny as a bong may only work for a short while. But it is super easy and fun to make. Getting high with a bong has never been sweeter.

chocolate bunny bong

In case you’re looking to get high with Snoop by your side, here are nine products for people who love Snoop Dogg and weed.

snoop Dogg

Just last month, Seol’s very own Dae and Cindy Lim launched Sundae School, a New York-based brand that combines Korean culture and weed.

Sundae School

Lilianna Wilde is an artist exploring weed in an entirely new way. Her new song “Grind Me Down” is beautifully artistic, and is sure to get you lighting up.

Lilianna Wilde

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect cannabis gift for the weed-loving mama in your life.

New York permitted the use of cannabis for medical purposes in 2014, but the five dispensaries in the state have struggled to keep their businesses afloat

New York

While inspecting two new Ford Fusions that had arrived in Minnesota from Mexico, a truck driver found bundles of cannabis stashed in the trunks of the cars.


Is it time for you to upgrade your bong? Are you buying a bong for the first time? Whichever group you fall into, this is exciting!

new bong

A study conducted by the British Medical Journal found that individuals with higher IQs in childhood may be more likely to use cannabis by the age of 30.

Intelligent People Smoke Weed

If you’re a daily cannabis user, office hours can be a buzz-kill. Long days without some green can be rough, especially if you work in a stressful field.


The success of beating cancer comes with an ultimatum from Child Protective Services: use the bottles of chemo medication or risk losing your son.

Child Services

Dirty bongs are harsh, foul-tasting, smelly, and might put you at greater risk of developing a lung infection. But, how often should you clean your piece?

dirty bongs

Is it said that cannabis grows wildly in North Korea, and its citizens can allegedly buy it in large marketplaces and smoke it wherever they like.

North Korea

The Nug Nation have an interview with Nappy Roots, who stopped by the studio to be interviewed – in the bathroom, no less – by Bong Burgundy.

Nappy Roots

After drinking at a local pub, this ex-teacher did the unthinkable and nonchalantly handed over cannabis-infused cookies to four young children.


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