Yes, that’s right, the team at FailArmy have done it again, showcasing the biggest and most hysterical fails that took place in April.

Have you heard of the curse of the white lighter? If you smoke, either weed or tobacco, chances are you have. But did you know how the curse came to be?

white lighter

Here’s a quick tutorial for how to use one of the most powerful and effective odor eliminators ever made.

From having to pay for your own pot to no longer having to hide it from mom and dad, you’ll understand these things if you’re a weed smoker in your 20s.


Did you know that there are correct and incorrect water levels for your bong and rig? Here’s hot to get the right water level for different devices.

Water Level

As California prepares for the sale of recreational cannabis, a growing number of women are, you know, growing, and becoming queens of the scene.


Of course, the number one way to avoid getting busted smoking weed in public is to just smoke at home.


Annoying things can ruin a perfectly good smoke session. You may lose your bud. Or, you might even set your hair on fire.


It’s only been two weeks since 420, but there is another reason to take your love of cannabis to the streets: this weekend’s 2017 Global Marijuana March.

Global Marijuana March

Yes, you read that correctly: a grandmother battling terminal cancer has been jailed for having THC from her medical marijuana in her system.

Angela Kastner

While each of us responds our own way, here are ten feelings you’ve probably experienced when you’ve been judged by non-smokers.


We all need a reminder at times, about what is and is not acceptable in a dispensary. If you’re a first time visitor, these tips will keep you in check.


Many of the best, brightest, and most motivated members of the modern workforce happen to enjoy cannabis in their off-time from employment – and that’s OK!

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Check out this video as Joe Rogan, a humble comedian-actor-fighter-advocate, explains just how beneficial medical cannabis can be.

Joe Rogan

For a lot of people, the “Most Magical Place On Earth” might not be as magical, as Disney has officially banned cannabis from its theme parks.

You may have heard that you shouldn’t be using a butane lighter. But, why? Here’s how the solvent might affect your health.

Do you love Star Wars? If you do, this list will help you prepare for May the Fourth, when all things Star Wars are celebrated.

star wars

So, you’re running low on bud and you want to get as high as possible. What do you do? here are a couple of tricks to stretch out your cannabis experience.

bud is described as a “web based wholesale platform” for cannabis industry operators with an Alaska marijuana permit.


Do you love pot so much that you would move just so that you could be around it? From California to Uruguay, here are ten places you should live if you love weed.


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