If you’re somewhat of a high-end cannaseur who appreciates design as well as functionality, then these seven pipes might just be for you.


Whether it is tuna, coffee or heroin, if you have too much of anything, you can overdose. But how much of something does it take?


There’s a new exhibit at the National Liberty Museum that is dedicated to bongs and it could give new meaning to high art.

High Art

With these tips, you should be able to go out into this cannabis-filled world and find the good stuff. Don’t be shy, and don’t be weird about it.

Premier property Trump SoHo in New York will be hosting the first-ever “Cannabis in Commercial Real Estate Summit NYC,” on May 4.

Real Estate

Yeah, you read that correctly: the Original Tamagotchi is back. So, now, you can transport yourself back to the Nineties.


The good people at BuzzFeed went above and beyond, testing out some pretty diverse foods, which are available from

Weird Food

Not everyone likes to prepare food, or even be in the kitchen, so here are 10 items that will cheer you up when you just have to do so.


Out of all the music in the world, which genre references weed the most? If you’re thinking rap, you certainly aren’t alone, and you’re not right,


While embellishing pot leaves on handbags has been a thing for quite some time now, these purses are a lot more designer and a lot less stoner.

Happy #shatterday! So turn off your alarm, sleep until whenever, wake and bake and do whatever you want – see friends, run errands, get high.


Imagine creating the perfect smoke room where you and your friends can chill out and get high AF. Here are some essentials that you’ll need.

smoke room

In a world experiencing the effects of climate change, sustainability is at the forefront of cannabis education at Flow Kana Institute.

Flow Kana Institute

She was a Nineties icon who smashed eggs to illustrate how drug abuse can ruin lives. Rachael Leigh Cook is back on screens with a frying pan.

Rachael Leigh Cook

Everyone knows THC gets you high, but do you know some of the more obscure facts about cannabis and its culture? Sit back, light up, and read on.


From weed-themed eye shadows to hemp-infused lipsticks, beauty brands are embracing the trend of fun and unique cannabis cosmetics.

cannabis cosmetics

Ever since the Hubble was launched into a low orbit around Earth, mankind has been privy to some “out of this world” images of the universe.


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has ordered a review into the “rampant fence-hopping, public pot-smoking, and slow trash cleanup” at the Civic Center.

Civic Center

One of Colorado’s top edible brands is launching a new line of strawberry CBD gummies. Here’s why these little treats are so amazing.

CBD gummies

A video shot by a fellow classmate shows a high school student in California smoking what appears to be weed from a bong made from a Gatorade bottle.


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