While attempting to bring home a THC-based medicine from Spain to Cork, Irish customs jumped in and attacked Vera Twomey.

Vera Twomey

The incredibly intricate details of the cannabis plant update are a thing of wonder. #macromirrorjuana takes it to the next level.


Is the inside of your bong slimy? It’s time for a clean! Here’s what kinds of microbes are (possibly) living in your bong water.


The best buds are trimmed by hand, since machinery tends to beat up the bud, so an influx of workers – “trimmigants” – are hitting the Emerald Triangle.


Over Easter weekend, Big Mike donated $100K worth of goods to the homeless in LA by handed out backpacks filled with everyday essentials.

Big Mike

Choosing the right vape for music festivals is just as important as remembering your ticket. Several criteria will determine if your vape will survive.

music festivals

Smoking may be the most popular way of ingesting cannabis, but despite the healing properties of the plant, smoke inhalation is still a cause for concern.


Have you ever wondered what happens if you just keep smoking weed? Turns out, you’ll get really high. To a point, anyway.


Which countries smoke the most weed? It’s probably not who you think. New data from the United Nations is putting all of our assumptions to shame.


CNN’s Anderson Cooper put together some of the best “pot-centric” 911 calls for The Ridiculist, so here’s what not to do when you’re elevated.

Anderson Cooper

While Conan O’Brien may not be the biggest pothead around, he doesn’t mind hanging out with them and sharing a toke here and there.

Conan O'Brien

Check out what the experts think about the alcohol industries future in a country that is turning green quickly.

beer sales

From wasting hours on YouTube to engaging in deep conversation, here are 26 things that probably happened when you get too stoned.


The Selmeskis decided to move all the way across the country to Colorado with hopes that cannabis would give Maggie a second shot at life.


Protecting the environment using hemp and phytoremediation is one of the growing list of reasons why cannabis should be legalized by the U.S. government.


Do you roll lousy joints? There is an easy solution and it’s called the PackNPuff.

Being the first of its kind in Canada, will you be trying cannabis-infused ice cream, the newest addition to the edibles market?

Remedy Ice Cream

Onfleet explored how this 420 may have impacted the rising, on-demand economy, in a world where accessing cannabis is becoming easier each day.


Given the positive shift in cultural attitudes, coupled with increased legalization, one congressman sees full cannabis access by 2022.

Cannabis Access

During a recent interview with the “Grow House” cast members, including Xzibit and Lil Duval, everything went up in smokes, literally.

Grow House

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