As it turns out, California’s Coachella isn’t so weed-friendly after all, going after Lowell Farms and their special “Coachella Blend” for infringement.


The idea of toking up while on vacation in Sin City sounds like a dream. But, there are a few things you should know about Las Vegas cannabis laws.

Las Vegas

What exactly should you have with you to ensure that you have the best 420 possible? This list should cover everything you need.


These 12 moments might have you skipping back in some of your favorite – and not-so-favorite – movies.


To give fans a sneak peak, TLC has released the first song from the album, titled ‘Way Back’ that features Uncle Snoop.


Traditional Easter baskets are for the birds. So why not make a cannabis Easter basket instead? Add these six things to a pot smoker’s Easter basket.

Easter basket

What to know what foods to eat to enhance your high? What about how to bring it back down if it’s too intense? Here are the answers, plus much more.


How are you celebrating 420 this year? If you’re in Oregon, here are 10 events that are sure to inspire a fun time.


The type of high you experience has a lot to do with our strains of choice, as well as the way in which they are consumed.

mind high

From improving athletic performance to helping you steer clear of alcohol, here are nine arguments to prove to your parents that weed is benefiting you.


If you want to test your expertise or teach some weed facts, then here are 12 facts about weed dispensaries that will impress the ganja-curious.


Already sweeping Europe, and set for global release on April 20th, Hempire is the most advanced 420-gaming experience the world has ever seen.


DCMJ plans to remind the Trump administration that more Americans support POT than the POTUS, with thousands of free joints passed out on Capitol Hill.

capitol hill

In case you’re wondering how on earth a coin can help, continue reading on to find out how it all works so you get the most from your weed.

Looking for some sweet parties and deals this 420? Here’s what you need to check out in Washington State.

Washington State

Wayne Justmann first became involved in the cannabis legalization movement 30 years ago, after being diagnosed as HIV positive in July of 1988.

Wayne Justmann

From the way they store their stash to their mannerism, here are the 12 main differences between noobs and veteran weed smokers.


From how to properly inhale your ganja to learning how to grind your bud, here are 11 things you wish you knew when you first started getting high.

Detox drinks are unpredictable. The only test insurance you need is the right swap, on hand, all the time.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Every new smoker’s task is to find themselves a solid weed dealer. After all, it’s not a request that you can or should post on craigslist or social media.

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