Prescription drugs with harmful side effects like “opiods” or “OxyContin” yielded results as normal, as did llicit drugs like, “heroin” and “meth”.


A grinder will turn your beautiful buds into finer pieces, allowing you to get the most out of your vaporizer. Sounds pretty good, right?

Poor edible quality has created an uproar in the US. Cannabis Care is the Canadian company raising the bar for quality with lab-tested edibles.

Cannabis Care

Alexander Wang’s Lighter Case Chain Necklace with Pave Clip allows you to carry your bud roach and lighter around your neck while looking effortlessly chic.


Higher education now has a whole new meaning thanks to two communities in Colorado taking weed tax proceeds and putting them into scholarships.


It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a vaporizer if it doesn’t work. For the best herbal experience, nothing beats a clean piece, be it a pipe or a vape.

DaVinci IQ

A 70-year-old Port Orange man decided to be generous and share his weed cookies with a lady friend. But failed to inform her of the secret ingredient.

Whether you’re planning to do nothing but party for seven days straight or seeking new thrills, here are the ten spring break weed essentials for the dudes.


Seeking a way to improve your bong smoking experience? Move over ice cubes, hot water may be a better option. See for yourself.

hot water

The video, recorded in January, showed the toddler inhale and exhale, all without coughing or choking, while Woldridge was seen laughing in the background.


Cannabis is indeed more potent than ever. But, have we reached the limit? Here’s what you need to know about peak THC and CBD.


If one architect gets his wish, Manhattan’s skyline might get thrown for a loop, with what would be the world’s longest building that’s bent in half.

U-Shaped Skyscraper

Canadians are in luck: this new mail-order marijuana dispensary’s prices are based on lab-test results, so you get the cannabis that’s best for you.


If you haven’t discovered the magic of Karl Kronic’s Instagram yet, you’re missing out big time. His level of cannabis photography is almost unbeatable.

In 2013, Deryn Blackwell was given three days to live. His mom kept fighting for him and discovered a treatment that would save her son’s life: cannabis.

Deryn Blackwell

Who will be inducting one of the best rappers of all time into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? That honor goes to another rapper you know and love.


In what was a serious case of moonlighting, a British police inspector has lost his day job, after being charged with selling drugs stolen from raids.


If anyone thought that the new guy was out to “Make America Financially Stable again”, the forecast isn’t a bright one. This Daffy Donald is a lame duck.


As his twitter shoot out with Trump proved, you shouldn’t mess with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now another troll has been called out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Smoking out of a dirty bong, water pipe, or rig is a recipe for a lung infection. Here’s how often you need to change your water and clean your piece.

bong water

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