There are icons that every generation of gamer knows, which also became part of pop-culture. But what about the consoles that never came to be?

When has weed not saved your life? From attending a family function to getting through your shift at work, here are ten times weed saved the day.

Is cannabis the next major treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease? Unfortunately, thanks to federal research restrictions, we may not know for quite a while.

Alzheimer's Research

One thing is for certain; being high is a totally different experience when you’ve just started smoking weed. How many of these can you relate to?

started smoking weed

Starting off with the reverse roll plumber’s joint, Cody van Gogh takes you step-by-step through the process of making a ring joint.

Ring Joint

Wouldn’t it be great if your vaporizer was always with you and always charged? Vaportronix VQ is the new device that will help you vaporize wax on the go.

Vaportronix VQ

Cannabis tinctures are one of the best, most underrated delivery methods, providing a fast and efficient dosage of medicine with minimal effort.

cannabis tinctures

There’s an important new cannabis-related petition calling for Trump to keep his campaign promise to leave cannabis alone.


While the Governor fully supports the legalization of medical cannabis, he’s not convinced about recreational legalization.


From the moment you realize they’re starting to hit you to wondering if you’re even high, here are 13 things you’ll only understand if you’ve done edibles.


Thanks to our resident rolling expert, Cody van Gogh, you don’t need to travel to Amsterdam to smoke up a tulip joint. Check out the video to make your own.

Tulip Joint

Cleveland Cannabis College is giving potential retailers, hopeful growers, and physicians a shot at being on the forefront of Ohio’s cannabis industry.


Faithfully, Snoop tweets whatever comes to mind. Which is great for us because those thoughts are downright hilarious.

seasoned toker

What is THC, anyway? What does it do? And how does it work? Does it really have medical benefits, or is it all just hype?

THC Absorption

From never leaving the couch to binge watching Netflix and eating all the food, you’ll get these things if you’re happiest staying home with an indica.

staying home

For the purpose of preventing a federal crackdown, Colordo officials are pushing to limit the number of plants that people can grow for personal use.


Los Angeles is about to become the largest municipally regulated legal cannabis market in the United States, having just opened up to cannabis businesses.

los angeles

Canada’s cannabis industry is booming, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is hinting that recreational cannabis isn’t coming anytime soon.


There are ways to tell if someone gets down with Mary Jane. To name a few, here are ten things people who smoke weed do all the time and don’t give a fuck.

smoke weed

Learning to blow smoke rings is a Right of Passage for smokers, so can you identify these next-level smoke tricks?

Smoke Tricks

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