Jane West is a prominent figure in cannabis culture, and continues to be an outspoken advocate for the legalization and normalization of the cannabis plant.

You don’t have to cross the pond to enjoy the overseas clubs – instead, just head to Colorado, where cannabis clubs were just approved by the state senate.


Buzzfeed rounded up some staff who smoke every day of the week for the sole purpose of getting them to quit weed for a week. Here’s what happened.

quit weed

Are you having a bad day? If so, then this gorgeous pure hash joint should cheer you up. Watch this video and feast your eyes on its incredible beauty!

Pure Hash Joint

Do you prefer to stay smoke-free? From toothpaste to shampoo, here are ten weed-infused products that will help you enjoy weed without smoking it.

Weed-Infused Products

Imagine the surprise of an Alberta town’s residents after they awoke to find bright pink water pouring from their faucets on Tuesday.

Bright Pink Tap Water

You’ve bought yourself a new set up including a new titanium nail, and now you need to “season it” – but what is seasoning, and is it really that important?


There are many substances out there that are far more dangerous than cannabis. But, how can you make your cannabis experience as healthy as possible?


Are you a breastfeeding, cannabis-consuming mother living in the Colorado area? A new, anonymous study would like some samples.


Fun and flavorsome, dabbing is popular in both medical and recreational markets. If you’re new to the scene, here’s some tips for your next dab sesh.

Dab Sesh

Want to successfully promote your cannabis brand on Instagram? Here’s what you need to know.


Do you love Mary Jane? From the history of cannabis to resources for budding entrepreneurs, here are the best cannabis books.

cannabis books

Why does the UK have one of the world’s most excessive drug habits? In this episode of High Society, VICE finds out what’s making ecstasy so dangerous.


Laced weed is rare, but unfortunately, it does happen. If you’re suspicious of your weed, then here are six tips to help you avoid it.

laced weed

Are you tired of grinding cannabis? The new Flower Power grinder will save you from doing the work – and grinds 21 grams in seconds.

Flower Power grinder

Dirty bong water smells bad and tastes gross, but can it actually make you sick? Here’s why you need to change your bong water and how often.

dirty bong water

Green Angels is an elite weed delivery service that employs modelesque young women as delivery runners for A-List stoners such as Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Green Angels

VapeXhale EVO is truly best in class for both flowers and oil, which can help save you a ton of money and reduce the number of devices you need to own.


We need to realize that the narrative of cannabis prohibition in America is much deeper and darker than what we may have imagined it to be.

As it turns out, Barbie loves weed just as much as you. In honor of National Barbie Day, here are nine times that Barbie really loved weed.

Barbie loves weed

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