Honestly, when do you not need weed? Although you might not have to have it, the herb does make everything better, just like these moments.


Apparently, LSD gets straight up stuck in your brain. Will this knowledge make for better, longer-lasting psychiatric drugs?


Hoping to detox before a blood test? there are a few tricks and hacks that people use to increase their odds on passing a drug test.

blood test

A recent report by the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will convince non-believers to support legalized cannabis.


Times are changing, and there are new surprising ways to get high. People are increasingly wanting products that don’t require smoking the herb at all.


Shatter is a concentrated form of weed with a super-high potency, often hitting 80 percent cannabinoid content. Here’s how you smoke shatter.

smoke shatter

Sure, it’s easy enough to grow weed. But what about those big beautiful buds that glisten with crystals and taste delicious? How do people grow those?


Panic attacks can happen anywhere and at any time. One could strike while you’re shopping or walking down the street, or just sitting on the couch at home.

panic attacks

Tax code Sec. 280e places crippling restrictions on cannabis businesses. Here’s how some are trying to save money on their taxes this year.

Experts have found that animals also seek out a quick chemical high from plants, bugs and, well, wherever they can find it.


The cannabis and pregnancy conundrum continues. In one corner, the director of NIDA. In another, women barfing their brains out. Who wins?


After receiving a tip from the public, police discovered a massive cannabis farm. Probably the biggest residential grow you’ve ever seen.

residential grow

The difference in outcomes for stoned drivers versus drunk drivers relates to the way stoned drivers act behind the wheel.


With cannabis use on the rise globally, understanding what daily consumption does to the body is a pretty big subject area.


Wisdom teeth videos will never disappoint you. Not only do people say the craziest things, but they also have no idea what they are doing.

Something you don’t hear of often is a weed dealer handing over his goods. Was honesty really the best policy for this guy?


Female representation in executive positions has shown to be a huge problem in the US, yet women in the cannabis industry are changing that stigma.


You may think masking the smell of weed is a difficult task, but there are plenty of simple ways to keep the scent of ganja under wraps.


If you need to cover up the smell of weed smoke, the easy to make sploof is one of the most loved tools in the weed-smokers too kit.


Canadian researchers just found that cannabis not only reduces opioid use, but it might help you kick tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.


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