This year, National Taco Day falls on Taco Tuesday. So why not take the special day to a whole new level with our delicious taco recipes?

Here are 11 great picks for top-notch cannabis-infused candies out there. Some of these are super potent, so try not to eat too many!

Cannabis-Infused Candies

You’re Roasted Chicken from Magical Butter is packed full of flavor and health benefits to keep you coming back for seconds – and thirds!

You're Roasted Chicken

Dad and Dudes Breweria have been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to sell their cannabis-infused beer.

Cannabis-Infused Beer

It’s National Pancake Day and we have all the perfect cannabis-infused recipes to keep you lifted all day.

National Pancake Day

How hot do you like it? These Carolina Reaper Madness chips are so hot the creators only include one per package.

Carolina Reaper Madness

If you couldn’t tell from the natural healthy green glow of asparagus, this veggie rocks! Asparagus is also ready to take the fight to cancerous cells.


Mary Jane and a cup of Joe go together like two peas in a pod. These innovative cannabis coffee creations are the ultimate way to start your morning.

Combining chocolates and cannabis is like a dream come to true for so many who love to receive their medicine by way of sweet treat.


If smoking cannabis isn’t your preferred method of THC intake, try one of these great fruit juices for quick, easy and delicious consumption.

Cannabis-Infused Juices

If you’re a bacon, egg, and cheese lover, you are going to love the bread bowl that combines all three.

Looking for something decadent, sweet, and infused? These cannabis desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth and endocannabinoid system at the same time.

cannabis desserts

You can save money growing your own herb at home. Why waste money on overpriced edibles when you make those at home, too?


The avocado is a true superfood. Even more compelling than this is the scrumptious flavor they provide to this robust Rockin’ Guac recipe!


This delicious new food trend is taking over the internet, freezers, and hopefully soon, your taste buds.

Camouflage Ice Cream

Do you have a sweet tooth? Good news! These simple recipes will satisfy your sugar and cannabis cravings at the same time.


This cannacakes will be a huge hit at any party or gathering. They’re sure to keep guests in an elevated mood.

As summer slows down, and children finally go back to school, it’s time to give yourself a treat. August 25th is National Banana Split Day!

Edibles got you feeling weird? Here are 10 tricks to help you play it safe, and get maximum edibles enjoyment from your cannabis treats.

Edibles Enjoyment

Warren Bobrow, known the world over as The Cocktail Whisperer, has combined his long-held love of both drinks and cannabis.

Warren Bobrow

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