Pizza has gone from flat to 3-D! Check out these awesome pizza cones, and learn how to make your own extra special medicated munchies.

Cannabis edibles provide fast, effective relief for many medical conditions. The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser makes medicating even easier.

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

Could this new $1 Cheeto Burrito from Taco Bell be the best Mexican-style munchie in America (well, in Cincinnati only for now)?

cheeto burrito

If you haven’t had an edible before, or if you’re at expert level, remember these 5 edibles tips to keep your experience a joyful one.

Edibles Tips

With a little creativity and the right menu, you can lay out a meal fit for cannabis loving kings. Plus we have the know-how to make them easily!

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

It’s Monday. It’s probably shit because Monday’s typically are. But today is Hot Fudge Sundae day, which makes this one of the greatest Monday’s ever.

herbal hot fudge sundae

These gluten-free edibles are a great way for cannabis lovers who suffer from gluten allergies or Celiac Disease to get lifted.

Gluten-Free Edibles

Every year on the 3rd Sunday in July, we celebrate National Ice Cream Day. I scream, you scream, add cannabis and we all scream for ice cream!

Ice Cream

Because we love you as much as we love mac and cheese, here are our two cannabis-infused recipes that you should make right now.

mac and cheese

Get up off the couch and get to one of these fine establishments and claim what is rightfully yours, free french fries, to celebrate the humble potato.

Don’t dismiss the THC you can get from turning stems and shake into cannabutter. Recycle and make the most out of those unwanted stems.

Unwanted Stems

Cannabis terpene-infused beer? Just in time for summer, these two great things are made greater together!


Warning, sexy pictures of pizzas ahead! If you don’t already have the munchies, you will.


Food is amazing, it’s true. But why does cannabis make you love food so much? These five facts explain it all.

When munchies strike, there is very little we can do to control that hunger, except eat until it subsides. But some of these might leave us going hungry.


You seriously won’t believe how many hot dogs this guy wolfed down in 10 minutes, setting a new world record.

hot dogs

These healthy edibles recipes will help you stay happy, fit, healthy, and high. The perfect summer mix.

healthy edibles

Even with the munchies, do these childhood snacks taste as good as they did when we were kids?

Childhood Snacks

It’s summer, there are fireworks, and it’s time to break out the grill. What better way to enjoy the 4th of July than with a little herb?


90’s lovers rejoice, a classic cottonmouth quencher is coming back. Pepsi is re-releasing Crystal Pepsi!

crystal pepsi

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