Now you can get your THC in any way your sweet tooth desires with cannabis sugar.

cannabis sugar

We have plenty of ways you can celebrate pizza party day, cannabis style!

Pizza Party Day

Chech out Su-Real’s take on the munchie-friendly restaurants to stop at during a 4/20 adventure through Dehli!

A variety of sweet, ripe berries and hearty, filling kale accompany Warm & Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil in this delectable Paleo morning shake recipe; perfect for beginning the day with an elevated mindset.

warm & crispy

It is here, the day you have been waiting for! I’m not talking about Christmas or tax returns… It’s National Chocolate Chip Day!

These cannabis chefs are creating five-star infused meals, using the finest ingredients and herbs to deliver patrons a new, elevated fine-dinning experience.

Top chefs are going above and beyond your typical pot brownie. The wonderful herb is being used to compliment some pretty tasty and upscale dishes.

Give your fiesta an extra kick this Cinco de Mayo with this unbeatable Mexican feast!

Cinco de Mayo

Cannabinoids can improve and even save the lives of returned service men and women suffering from PTSI.

Canada and Mexico announced their intentions to legalize cannabis at the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York.

Cannabis extraction is becoming of the most popular ways to enjoy our favorite herb as we look for more health-conscious alternatives to smoking.

cannabis extraction

What are you going to eat on 420? Why not check out these delicious recipes from the HERB Cookbook Kitchen to help make your 420 super tasty.

Warm & Crispy Medicated Coconut Oil offers a steady, continuous high, without the anxiety or fear of over medicating.

warm & crispy

Getting ready for the upcoming holiday? These 8 delicious snack ideas will not only satisfy your food cravings, but intensify your herbal experience!

Many cannabis gummies look identical to the gummies you might find in the candy aisle, and gummies with cannabis doses in them are often brightly colored.

Cannabis Gummies

The D’Munchies menu is decidedly catered to the cannabis crowd, offering munchie destroyers like deep-fried ravioli nachos and pretzel ice cream. Hungry?

Many cannabis smokers have created a smoking apparatus that also satisfies the munchies. Check out these usable and edible pipes.

Every year on April 12th we observe National Grilled Cheese Day, because who wouldn’t want to celebrate everyone’s favorite comfort food?

Whether they’re turning 18 or 81, these cannabis-themed birthday cakes are sure to excite any herb lover.

Threatening law enforcement officers during an armed occupation of federal land can carry LESS prison time than growing or possessing marijuana.

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