This super easy Weed Gummy Bear recipe is perfect and they are ready in less than an hour.

Almost anything can taste amazing while you’re high, but these munchies take the cake (no pun intended)!

Canna-Beer sounds like a match made in heaven.

You can’t beat homemade pizza. Especially if that pizza contains delicious cannabis-infused MagicButter Olive Oil.

Snoop and Martha are making some delicious mashed potatoes. All they need is some chicken.

Being a kid is great – you never having to worry about a job, taxes, rent, or anyone other than yourself. However, as an adult there is a silver lining: we can eat delightful goodies infused with THC whenever we want.

MagicalButter’s executive chef has found that the highest grade of cannabutter begins with clarified butter, resulting in a smoother consistency and enhanced flavor. What exactly is clarifying, and what’s the best way to go about it?

An esoteric sensibility that may elude those new to cannabis is achievable quickly and easily

In this video Modern Grower goes behind-­the­-scenes at Altai Brands, the California ­based chocolatier crafting premium cannabis infused artisanal sweets.

Want to know what to expect from edible highs and what to do if you eat too much? This video from PRØHBTD’s Learn Channel will guide you onto the path of cannabis edible making and consumption.

Shotka cannabis vodka, made in Lithuania, is rumoured to be made in a distillery that is built on land that has a history of growing cannabis lasting over 5,000 years.

shotka cannabis vodka

Marijuana – you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can vape it, AND you can drink it! So here is the top 10 rundown of the cannabis drinks on the market.

cannabis drinks cannapunch

Cannabis alcohol, Cannabis edibles, Cannabis weddings, Cannabis lubricant, and now – Cannabis coffee!

cannabis coffee

The bakery is called Love’s Oven, and the owner of the bakery is looking to create fine dining that combines weed as well.

We’ve put together a list of the best five cannabis cocktails to knock your socks off, and the socks off your guests, too!

cannabis-infused alcohol

With the permission of Anita Thompson, the widow of late Hunter S. Thompson, Muchies host a Cannabis infused Gourmet Dinner at the Thompson residence.

We all know by now the benefits of medical marijuana for so many different ailments are due to cannabinoids. Juicing raw cannabis is another great way to benefit.

Nowadays there is an increasingly wide range of edibles on the market for both medical and recreational use. We take a look at some of the top contenders.

Mirth edibles

If you are a marijuana smoker, mangoes should be your new favorite fruit. Mango and weed can lead to faster, stronger, and longer lasting highs.

mango and weed

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