Watch 91-year-old Nonna Marijuana, Queen of Weed Cuisine, walk us through her cannabis-infused dinner preparation. What a fire cracker!

Breckenridge Cannabis Club (BCC) is legendary. Maybe you visited it for yourself in Breckenridge, Colorado during their time on Main Street or followed their story through the CNN show “High Profits.” Either way here is everything that you need to know about this hot spot in Colorado.

As marijuana laws and regulations start to change across North America, the allowance, packaging, and marketing of edibles, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, have become quite sticky. Here a few examples of what’s happening with the laws around edibles.

Looking for a new way to get high? Here are the basics you’ll need for infusing marijuana with alcohol, including how to make a Green Dragon! Trust us, you will feel like Heisenberg cooking up these cannabis cocktails.

You won’t believe the disgusting acts by these cops, after trying to destroy the evidence from their Sky High medical marijuana dispensary raid. Nice try.

Take a sneak peek into CannaCamp, a scenic marijuana resort offering cannabis-enhanced activities, everything from yoga to dinner pairings to glass blowing.

For those unfamiliar with the basics of cannabis cultivation, you need to understand why cloning is so important! Watch this video for guidance.

Charlotte’s Web is the high-CBD strain that is helping out families with children who have severe epileptic disorders. See how the products are made!

We don’t know why you’re bothering to read this. See how yummy it looks? Well it tastes 20x better. Watch this video and make yourself some S’mores Dip!

There is (or there should be) little refuting to the fact that the cannabis industry is the next biggest American industry. See why that is the case.

Located in California, Cannabis Creamery produces cannabis ice cream that is already becoming a major hit. See for yourself where all the magic happens!

Professional chefs? Check. Delicious 4-course meal? Check. Cannabis? Check. Welcome to the first official Cannaisseur Dinner Party!

It’s always awesome to see a process of anything involving cannabis. More specifically, it’s awesome to see a process of making edibles involving hash.

Cannabis is the most versatile plant out there—in fact, there is said to be 50,000 commercial uses for it. So you think you’re a marijuana master? Read on to find out about 15 pot products that will blow your mind.

Non-smokers are not inclined to medicate with a joint, but an infused cookie is something they’re familiar with. Are edibles our future of the industry?

Watch the guys at Rosenberg’s Bagels in Denver make cannabis-infused smoked salmon for their 4/20 celebration and try not to drool everywhere.

If you’re currently living without safe access, here’s your chance to see what the dispensary experience is all about. Is it all you’d hoped it would be?

This cannabis chef has invented a way of making odorless marijuana and tasteless cannabutter. It’s the start of a new innovation in cannabis culinary.

Yes, Chelsea Handler now consumes weed. Listen to her story about her first edible experience that she will certainly never forget.

Think you know how to wake and bake? Well think again. Jane’s Brew has taken cannabis coffee to a whole new level.

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