10 Of The Best Weed Combos


Weed is awesome enough to stand on its own; combining weed with great activities is what keeps it standing forever.

Lane Tr
Feb 12, 2016

Weed is like the Michael Jordan of the plant world, but just like Mike needed Scottie Pippen to make him a better player, weed is always better when combined with your favorite activities. This list of 10 of the best weed combos is sure to keep your relationship as fresh as the 95’ Bulls.

1. Weed and Video Games

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Getting high and playing video games is one of the best ways to zone out. This combo is probably the only reason I continue to play video games as an adult—and NBA 2k16 is probably the reason I compared weed to MJ.

2. Weed and Netflix

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Weed is good. Movies are good. Put them together and what do you get—good squared. Exponentially increase your weed fun by combining it with your favorite TV shows and movies.

3. Weed and Workouts

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Smoking a little weed before hitting the gym can help you get in the zone. Smoking some weed after the gym can help you relax and speed up your recovery time.

4. Weed and Reddit

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Sometimes smoking weed can send you into deep thought about random topics. Indulge your aimless curiosity with the endless supply of randomness that can be found buried in the depths of sub-reddits.

5. Weed and Hangovers

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This one is a bit odd because you don’t ever willingly invite a hangover. But if you are hurting from drinking the night before, weed will help you get through the pain and suffering.

6. Weed and The Great Outdoors

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Whether you go on a hike, hit a concert, play some golf, or go to the pool—there is nothing better than being high outside on a nice day. Next time you have the chance smoke one and find a nice outdoor activity.

7. Weed and Work

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Sometimes a little weed can help stimulate your creative mind, which could help you find solutions to your responsibilities at the old nine to five. If you have work to do at home after a long week, treat yourself to some green inspiration.

8. Weed and Cooking

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Let’s face it, weed does give you the munchies sometimes, so you should naturally be preparing a feast while you are smoking. Smoke a joint and take a chance on a new recipe. If you don’t want to smoke, even better—you can include weed in your culinary masterpiece. But you might want to have some extra snacks on hand for later.

9. Weed and Love

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You and your special someone should take the time to occasionally explore the wonders of being high and a little physical fun time. Keep your mind out of the gutter people—getting high and cuddling or just holding hands can be fun too!

10. Weed and Sleeping

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In need of a good night’s rest? Try getting high before bed, then go lay down, turn out the lights, and hangout with the Sand Man.

Don’t keep your favorite weed combos a secret! Share your favorite combos with us on social media or in the comments section below —we’re dying to hear them!

Lane Tr
Feb 12, 2016