Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2


Regardless if these are insane, horrible, gorgeous or just plain CRAZY – we have to give mad love to all the Mary Jane enthusiasts out there with weed tattoos.

AJ Cito
Nov 20, 2015

Regardless if these are insane, horrible, gorgeous or just plain CRAZY – we have to give mad love to all the Mary Jane enthusiasts out there showing their support by way of permanent weed tattoos.

Wearing weed paraphernalia is one thing, but stamping yourself for life is taking your love for the herb to a whole other level. We’re not exactly recommending it, but check out the 10 weed tattoos below for some inspiration on what to get and in some cases, what NOT to.

1. Worshipping the weed gods

1 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

Inspired by the infamous praying hands, this tat takes weed worship to another level. Not only is this guy toking a massive blunt but the w-e-e-d finger tats display a whole extra layer of MJ love. Looks like this dude’s heaven exists high in the kush clouds.

2. Blunt for life

2 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

This blunt tattoo looks so realistic I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets friends constantly reaching at his ear for it. My only word of advice would be to always have a backup blunt on hand because I would be super disappointed and surprised to find out it’s just an awesome tat.

3. Best buds forever

3 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

There are close friends and best friends, but nothing says best buds like matching weed tattoos. Now there’s definitely no denying who their smoking buddy for life is.

4. Stay high stay happy

4 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

Stay High. Stay Happy. Those are certainly words to live by but the way those leaves look make me think this artist got a little too baked pre-ink. Regardless, we like this girl’s attitude and there’s always room up top for a circa-2000 eve-style redo.

5. Smoke-a-lot bear

5 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

As kids we called them Care Bears but clearly things change with age and maturity. Introducing the newest addition: Smoke-a-Lot Bear. Wearing his marijuana belly badge, he brings the best buds to this guy, on his calf, forever and ever or until he regrets this decision and gets extensive laser treatments.

6. Realistic marijuana flower

6 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

The use of black and white highlights really make this plant pop. The perspective is quite trippy. It almost looks like he has a pot plant literally growing from his shoulder… if only that was actually the case.

7 . Pizza plant

7 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

There’s no denying that pot and pizza are one of the greatest combos known to humans but this tat may have just missed the mark. Someone should probably let this guy know tattoos are permanent. Also, why do I now suddenly crave triple cheese pizza? Those drips are pretty delicious looking…

8. Trippy weed art

8 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

What’s better than a gorgeous woman on your forearm? A gorgeous woman smoking a joint, surrounded by dream-like marijuana leaves! A.D. Panocho at Rock n’ Roll Tattoo in Scotland killed this piece. We love his use of colour and the non-traditional use of bud imaging.

9. Stoned Scrat

9 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

If you don’t know who Scrat is, then please stop reading this immediately and go watch Ice Age. If you do, then you know how obsessed he is with his acorn – he would do anything to keep it, always has it and is constantly looking for a safe place to store it. It’s only appropriate that this artist replaced it with a bud plant.

10. Ganja on the brain

10 Crazy Weed Tattoos: Vol. 2

Where to start? One thing I can say is props to his commitment – dude is showing some mad 420 love. The good news is hair grows back. Let’s just hope his receding hairline holds out at least a few more years…

Do you have any crazy weed tattoo ideas, or better yet, any actual weed tattoos? We would love to see them! Post in the comments below or to our Facebook page and remember, if you’re going to go get a crazy weed tattoo after reading this – be sure to at least post it and tag us on insta!

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AJ Cito
Nov 20, 2015