10 Dope Weed Tattoos That Will Amuse Your Friends And Definitely Disappoint Your Parents

These legends were willing to put a permanent homage to cannabis on their body.

Nov 14, 2017
badass weed tattoos

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Plenty of people love weed, but some people love it enough that they’re willing to put a permanent homage to it on their body.

We salute those brave body art stoners with these ten incredible weed tattoos that dare to go past the typical Bob Marley or Cheech and Chong idolization.


This neo-traditional skull is the perfect means of using violet-tipped fan leaves to show off some arm-bound Granddaddy Purp to other aficionados. A covert bong in the background makes the piece just subtle enough for the uninitiated—“that’s a nice leaf-covered vase skull you’ve got there.”


It’s hard to get a good nug tattoo; usually, they just end up looking like a shapeless green blob or some sort of an out-of-control fungus. But with bold lines, bright colors, and sharp white details this one ends up actually being a pretty good-looking bundle of buds.


This piece is definitely subtle, but it’s a great callback to traditional tattoo forms and integrates the seven-leaved weed trope with some nice, light shading on a delicate old-school hand.


Gotta admire detail when it comes to this tattoo of Spongebob pulling a bong, from the ice cubes down to the bubbles coming right out of the piece’s stem. Plus, you can’t argue with the accuracy of smoke coming out of his pores—he is a sponge, after all.


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Watercolor and photorealistic tattoos have become more popular over the past few years, and this one of lips pulling a twaxed joint doesn’t disappoint. It’s pretty rare to see tattoos that incorporate concentrates into the mix, and alongside some well-curled smoke, it all comes together to make a great piece.


Sometimes subtlety is key when it comes to weed tattoos, and this Rocko’s Modern Life tat is probably about as incognito as you can get. At best, people recognize what’s going on. At worst, you’ve got some random “slow” wallaby on your leg.


New school tattoos, which tend to be cartoonish, can get corny fast. But the bright colors on this straight-out-of-Alice in Wonderland weed wizard are enough to make up for any inherent silliness in the design. Or maybe, if you don’t take yourself too seriously, this little guy is right on the nose.


Speaking of cartoons, it’s hard not to be bowled over by Charmander lighting a weed-topped Bulbasaur stuck inside of a cone. Everything about this Pokemon bong is dope except, perhaps, the thought of Squirtle bathing in bong water.


Sometimes space gets limited, like on a big sleeve like this, and you have to make do with what you can. This piece still makes a yellow-tinged statement and stands out amidst an arm of otherwise also bright blues and purples.


This tattoo takes advantage of the canvas space available within the leaf, leveraging how recognizable the form is to direct attention instead onto a noir-style smoking scene rather than the plant itself.

Nov 14, 2017