10 GIFs You Must See When Baked

Enhance your buzz, while learning something new, from one of these mind blowing links.

Feb 21, 2016

After catching a sufficient high, wandering the internet becomes an exciting adventure. What starts out as reading an article about hippo conservation, somehow leads to a page about balloons, to a page about chicken sweaters, to a page about fairy hunting, to a page about growing wild arugula. Before you know it, 3 a.m. creeps around and your recent history resembles that of a deranged four-year-old.

There is no shortage of online entertainment, but it can be hard to determine exactly where to waste time, without feeling like you’re really wasting time. These ten links are sure to entice every part of the buzzed brain, while teaching something along the way.

1. Self-parking chairs

1 click while high selfparkingchairs Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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These self-parking chairs have to be the coolest thing I have ever seen. They completely eliminate the need to constantly hassle people about pushing in chairs, and would do wonders for a classroom. I’m curious as to what would happen if a person were in the chair when it was clapped away… Check it out here.

2. Biking on abandoned bobsled track

2 click while high biker Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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This video is not for the faint of heart. However, biking enthusiasts will find this is something that needs to be added to their bucket list, no matter how terrifying it looks. Watch it here.

3. Trailed by a Great White shark

3 click while high shark Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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A special kind of terror is brought about when viewing this shark; if you share my fear of water, you’ll understand. Still, seeing how the beast stalks prey is as entertaining as it is terrifying. Prepare yourself and watch it here.

4. Hand-blown glass vase

4 click while high glass vase Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Glass blowing is always entrancing. There is something so calming about watching molten particles being formed into beautiful works of art. Watch it here.

5. Clear sea slug

5 click while high clear slug Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Somehow, this video is oddly satisfying. The clear sea slug can be found in waters around the world, and would be enough to startle anyone who was unfamiliar with it. Do yourself a favor, become familiar with it by watching it here, just in case.

6. Boiling water thrown in subfreezing temperatures

6 click while high boiling water Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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As someone who has personally experienced the joy of this science experiment, I can tell you it is an amazing thing to witness. When boiling water is thrust into subzero temperatures, snow magically forms before your own eyes. This slowed-down version makes it look extra awesome. Prepare to be amazed here.

7. Waterfall fire shots

7 click while high boiling fireshots Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Flames and liquor are never a good combination. This drink is inviting all sorts of problems to the bar; even the guy who’s about to drink it looks concerned. Where is this legal? Who is your insurance provider? Shake your head here.

8. Trampoline wall walk

8 click while high boiling walltrampoline Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Another perfect example of science and physical strength coming together to create epic internet entertainment. Check it out here.

9. Hypnotizing mandelbrot

9 click while high mandelbrot Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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I had no idea what a Mandelbrot was before becoming entranced by this video and spending the next ten minutes forgetting about life. Watch this to relax and unwind, it is sure to help. Lose yourself here.

10. Runner vs. cheetah

10 click while high cheetah runner Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Racing a cheetah is not a battle easily won, not even with a head start. The cheetah quickly reminds us it’s the fastest animal on Earth and it won’t be beaten. Check ou the race here.

What are your favorite links to explore while enjoying a buzz? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Feb 21, 2016