10 Best 420 Events You’ll Want To Attend In Oregon


How are you celebrating 420 this year? If you’re in Oregon, here are 10 events that are sure to inspire a fun time.

Anna Wilcox
Apr 15, 2017

420 is almost here! It’s time to bust out some greens and get partying. Oregon has some great events to offer this holiday. To help Oregonians celebrate right, here are the top 10 4/20 events you’ll want to attend in the Beaver State.

1. 420 Fashion Week

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Love clothing? 420 Fashion Week is a traveling event this April. The event kicks off in Seattle on April 17th, cruises through Portland on April 18th, and arrives in Denver on April 19th.

The event will feature live music, networking, promotions, and, of course, fashion. There will be designated smoking areas at the event, though you’ll have to bring your own bud or wax for dabbing.

A nighttime event, 420 Fashion Week kicks off at 8 pm and ends at midnight. Northwest Cannabis Market is hosting the show.

  • Festivities: music, fashion show, giveaways, smoking
  • Location: Northwest Cannabis Market, Portland
  • Tickets: $20 to 420
  • Find more information here.

2. Northwest 420 Fest

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What could be better than a music festival on 420? The Northwest 420 Fest takes place in the small ghost town near Friend, Oregon. The festival begins on 4/20 and lasts until 4/22, meaning that you’re sure to have a full weekend of fun.

Just outside of The Dalles, this festival is cannabis friendly and open to anyone 21 and over. Camping is available, meaning that there’s no worrying about driving home after one too many blissful bong hits.

  • Festivities: over 30 bands, booths, games, glass blowing, camping, food
  • Location: Filbin Grounds, Oregon
  • Tickets: $49 to 420
  • Find more information here.

3. Puff, Puff, Pass and POTery PDX

Top Ten 420 3 2 10 Best 420 Events Youll Want To Attend In Oregon
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Sometimes, you just want things to be chill. While a music festival or a DJ show might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Puff, Pass, and POTery is an excellent way to relax and have a little fun this 4/20. Cannabis is known to encourage creativity, and this is certainly one way to tap into your artistic side.

The event goes from 7 pm to 9 pm on April 20th. Consumption will be allowed, and this class will allow you to make your own smoking devices. The event is held in combination with Stonedware and Prism House PDX. Attendees must bring their own cannabis.

  • Festivities: pottery, smoking
  • Location: Prism House PDX
  • Tickets: $75 (includes materials, glazing, and shipping)
  • Find more information here.

4. The Hemp and Cannabis Fair Bend

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The Hemp and Cannabis Fair in Bend is the next stop for this traveling cannabis event. The fair will stop in Bend on 4/22 and 4/23, giving locals a chance to check out some Oregon cannabis products and paraphernalia. The event is for adults 21 and up, but medical cannabis patients over the age of 18 can also participate in the festivities.

  • Festivities: Shopping, local crafts, and goods, speakers, grow sessions
  • Location: Riverhouse on Dechutes
  • Tickets: $15 for the weekend, veterans $10
  • Find more information here.

5. Potluck PDX 420

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Oregonians have some excellent cannabis events to choose from this 420. While many think of music festivals and partying on 420, Potluck PDX is offering locals the chance to kickback, enjoy some great food, and celebrate in a relaxed grower-centered atmosphere.

The event connects attendees to local growers, letting them ask questions and learn more about some of their favorite strains.

The event is held on private property, so consumption is allowed. There will be infused treats and glass blowers. Join the Potluck on April, 20 from 1 pm to midnight.

  • Festivities: cookoff, conversation, demonstrations, live performance
  • Location: 
  • Tickets: Must RSVP, $20 to 30
  • Find more information here.

6. 420 ReDankuless Run

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Okay, so this event isn’t technically in Oregon. But, it’s just across the river and Portlanders are certainly welcome to join. Held in Vancouver, WA, the 420 Run starts at 6 pm at Lewit Brewing. The course ends at Heathen Brewing Feral Public House, and every participant will receive a free 4oz MegaDank taster.

  • Festivities: run
  • Location: Lewit Brewing
  • Tickets: Free (must register)
  • Find more information here.

7. 420 Givaway

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The Daily Leaf is hosting a huge giveaway on 420. This event is not live, but it is an excellent thing to do on 420. Over 25 brands are participating, and winners can receive up to $1,000 of free cannabis gear. The giveaway includes PAX, Magical Butter Machine, Grav, and much more.

  • Festivities: giveaway
  • Location: online for PDX only
  • Tickets: Free
  • Find more information here.

8. Oregon Marijuana Business Conference

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The cannabis industry isn’t all fun and games. Those interested in diving into the world of canna-business will appreciate the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene. This conference isn’t held on the world famous holiday, but on April, 28.

This event is like a crash course for Oregon’s budding cannabis scene. The event will cover all sorts of regulations, from licensing fees to testing requirements. While it may sound boring, you can expect an entertaining crowd at this canna-business event.

  • Festivities: educational day
  • Location: Valley River Inn
  • Tickets: $149 to 249
  • Find more information here.

9. The Ultimate 420 Event At Botanica

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Searching for some great deals this 420? Botanica has got your back. Located in Portland, Botanica is offering $100 ounces, 30 percent off of select strains, $20 for 4 grams, and tons of giveaways. Win a Pax2, a rolling tray, and more. Swag bags will be available, and attendees can enter a raffle.

The event will be happening at both Botanica locations, on SE 12th and SE 60th.

  • Festivities: raffle, deals, swag bags
  • Location: Botanica dispensaries
  • Tickets: Free to enter
  • Find more information here.

10. 420 Blowout at Jayne

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Jayne will be hosting Cannacation 420 on April, 19th. The event will last the entire day. The dispensary will be closing on 4/20, so it is offering major deals and prizes the day before. The first 100 people to spend $100 will win a prize valued at $50. If you’re hungry, there will be a free barbecue from 2 to 8 pm. It would be best to come with an appetite!

  • Festivities: deals, prizes, BBQ
  • Location: Jayne
  • Tickets: Free to enter
  • Find more information here.
Anna Wilcox
Apr 15, 2017