420 Is Finally Here And These Dank Lego Dudes Are Getting Involved

Check out how these little guys deal with the huge task of rolling a joint and laugh your butt off.

Apr 20, 2016

Even the smallest of Man’s creations love the herb! Check out how these little guys deal with the huge task of rolling a joint and laugh your butt off.

Lego tutorial

Michael and Justin use stop-motion animation to give us a hilarious look into the secret lives of lego stoners. After watching the Lego movie, I want to see this in the sequel. Maybe that is why “everything is awesome”. Michael is the smart one, and Justin is the screwup, but together they roll a mean joint.

Step 1: Gather your gear

Jump out of your secret Volcano base, and get your grinder, bag of bud, papers, filter, and best friend, because this joint will be HUGE! (By comparison, anyway.)

Step 2: Grind that herb

You can’t roll a joint without some freshly ground nugs, can you? Why not spin like a merry-go-round on the grinder, then dive into a tub full of weed? I would!

Step 3: Two-man rolling

Grab a side, because this thing is bigger than the both of us. Put the filter in one end, then roll it up like a body in a rug, and pack it in with your head. It’s the perfect size! Twist on your way out to seal the end, and it’s time for step four.

Step 4: Gimme a light, bro

Smoking something this big takes teamwork and a little lego ingenuity. Jump on the lighter while your friend takes a puff, then it’s your turn! Blaze into a daze, and fall over flat, because that’s a lot of bud (for a guy your size).

Can you imagine if you had a stash and a joint that was on that scale compared to you? What would you do? Would you roll a joint this big? I think there needs to be a Guinness Book revision with an entire chapter devoted to cannabis records, don’t you? What would be the record you would try to break? Share your ideas on social media or in the comments section below.

Apr 20, 2016