5 Reasons California Cannabis Is King


California cannabis is definitely a front-runner in the race to be crowned the nation’s best state for buds. Check out these five reasons why.

Lane Tr
Apr 16, 2016
california cannabis

Californian cannabis has been cultivated since the early 1900’s. The social and physical environments in California are some of the most favorable on the planet if you are looking to get into the cannabis cultivation game. Aside from great growing conditions, California is home to ski resorts, ocean towns, and everything in between. I’ll give you five reasons why California cannabis is the best, but I am sure there are a milly-billi more!

1. Ocean grown

california cannabis is king 1 5 Reasons California Cannabis Is King
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OG Kush and all the other OG’s grow excellently at the sea level altitudes found in California. There is no denying that a little OG in the morning will make that Cali sunrise spectacular.

2. Humidity

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If you put a Cali bud next to a Colorado bud you will notice that the Cali bud is much more sticky and hard to breakup. This is due to the higher levels of humidity found in California. During the curing process less moisture escapes the bud and leaves in “more in tact.” Some of us would prefer the weed to retain its trichomes rather than having them fall off due to excessive dryness.

3. That hippie life

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In the words of A$AP Rocky, “Let me introduce you to that hippie life.” California gave birth to the progressive movement that gave us some of the best hippies on earth. The Grateful Dead inspired a lot of the movement that embraced cannabis as an essential ingredient to the lifestyle. Grab your VW bus head up the Pacific Coast Highway and burn some herb—it’s a true blast from the past.

4. Outdoor cannabis thrives

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Have you heard of the Emerald Triangle? This is a region in northern California that is home to Humboldt as well as other notorious cannabis growing towns. Expert growers have lived in the area since the 1960’s and they have managed to create an infrastructure that is ideal for reaping the environmental benefits for cannabis cultivation. These guys are truly gorilla growers—they stay off the grid and do their best to keep to themselves—until harvest time.

5. Weed and money, money and weed

california cannabis is king 5 5 Reasons California Cannabis Is King
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California is one of the most expensive states in terms of cost of living. If you can afford to put gas in your car, there is still little point in driving it since traffic is horrendous. The point is, instead of stimulating the gasoline industry with your hard earned cash, buy some weed and ride your bike to the beach or the observatory. Life is expensive in California; weed can at least give you some temporary relief from the financial woes of living in the Golden State.

Next time you are in California, take time out to investigate the cannabis provisions. Look deep into the trichomes and reflect on other cannabis that you have sampled. Chances are you’ll see what I am talking about.

Have you tried Cali bud? What did you think? How did it compare to other states’ cannabis? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Lane Tr
Apr 16, 2016