5 Stoner Essentials You Should Always Have

Every stoner has essential items that they can’t live without. We’ve outlined the top 5 stoner essentials you should always have.

Dec 15, 2015

Every stoner has essential items that they can’t live without. We’ve outlined the top 5 items every stoner should always have below. Check it out to see if your favourites made the list.

1. Marijuana
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This is definitely the most obviously but yes, of course, every stoner needs weed. If you don’t have a dispensary close by or a marijuana man on speed dial – then you definitely should figure out how to get one, stat! A stoner’s good day can turn bad when they realize their stash is totally depilated (i.e. most Monday’s after a weekend of non-stop marathons and hotboxes). Word of advice? Always have a backup stash and when in doubt, call a fellow stoner to tide you over. Remember, sharing is caring.

2. Lighters
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Probably the most lost and/or stolen item in the world, second to maybe hair ties. A true stoner should always have a few lighters on hand. Most of us have our favorites, but it’s always good to have some extra cheap ones on hand incase it gets lost or incase someone in your crew is out. You definitely want to be that friend who always sparks one and even have extra to share, it’s major stoner brownie points. Want to get fancy? Hemp wicks are the new wave of joint and bowl lighting. Get your hands on some to step up your lighting game.Grinder & Stash Bag

3. Grinder & Stash Bag
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When carrying around weed, it’s a good idea to have it in a smell proof container, and it’s always handy to have a grinder for joints, bowls & vapes. There are hundreds of different companies to choose from with different styles, shapes, functions, etc. Medtainer is great because it combines the two in a small, air-tight, water -tight, plastic container where you can grind & store your weed. It’s compact and light and great for everyday use or to just throw in your bag before heading out.Pipe, Papers or a Vape Pen

4. Pipe, Papers or a Vape Pen

5 pipes Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?

Of course, we can’t forget something to smoke with. Now-a-days there are so many different ways to spark up. If you don’t feel like engineering a pipe out of an apple or a water bottle like these guys, you will want to have papers, a pipe or a vape pen on hand. If you decide to have a vape, always make sure it’s charged before heading out. If you have a pipe, here’s a great article on how to properly clean it for best use. If you’re a classic and into the doobies, check out this post on the new wave of smoking mini-joint rather than big blunts.

5. Basic Grooming Necessities
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If you want to be a stoner that always looks, smells (and even tastes) good – then there are some basics you should have with you at all times. Eye drops, lip balm, gum, hand sanitizer, hand cream and body spray are all on that list. You want to stay looking, smelling and tasting fresh, especially if going on a date or hanging with non-stoners. Not that we don’t all love a good whiff of ganja in public, but weed breath and joint fingers are two turnoffs. Don’t forget to keep it fresh!

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Dec 15, 2015