6 Genius Weed Stash Spots


We’ve compiled a list of the 6 most genius spots to stash your weed, those spots that are the most creative that no one will find their way into.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 29, 2016

Well, some of us stoners like to be a little less conspicuous with our smoking habits, and so we are more inclined to find stash spots for our weed. Even though some stoner’s are a little more open, having their bags of weed living on their bedside tables or coffee tables, this article is to entertain those of us that are a little bit more shy.

But I bet hiding your weed in your shoe or in the glovebox of your car is getting a little old. The trick with finding a stash spot, whether it’s to save yourself parental embarrassment or whether it’s to keep it away from your weed hungry roommate, is getting really creative. So we have compiled a list of the most genius spots to stash your weed, those spots that are the most creative that no one will find their way into.

1. Stashing your weed where batteries would usually go

battery 6 Genius Weed Stash Spots
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So, one of the most genius places to stash your weed is in the battery compartments of some of your electronic devices. It’s probably not recommended that you stash it in the battery compartment of the remote control because it will probably get found really quickly by a stoner looking to change the channel. Other options are your stereo or speaker device, your flashlight or perhaps some of your handyman devices that use batteries. Just take the batteries out, of course, wrap your weed in a little glad wrap and store it in there.

This is also a good place to hide cones and other smoking paraphernalia that is small that you don’t want to be found.

2. In your PC or speakers

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So, if you still have one of those ancient desktop computers, this is a great place to stash your weed. With just a screwdriver, you can take off the rear panel of the tower and there is usually quite a lot of room in there for you to put a bag of weed. Beware that if you use the computer a lot, it can get quite hot in there. This also works for speakers that have this rear panel that can be removed. The vibrations of the music will also find their way into your weed, and could work for some musical inspiration!

3. In the sock drawer

socks 6 Genius Weed Stash Spots
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Okay, this one doesn’t seem like the most creative, but there is something clever in hiding your weed in the last place that anyone would ever look. Rolling your weed up in a zip-lock bag to make sure the smell doesn’t escape, putting it in one of your socks and rolling it up and putting it in the sock drawer with all the other socks is a clever way to hide your weed. It’s likely no one will suspect to even look in the sock drawer, and it will be hard to find if it’s rolling around with all the other pairs of socks!

4. Plush toys

plush 6 Genius Weed Stash Spots
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If you like to decorate your house with plush toys (this might be one for the girls), they are a good place to hide your weed. You probably don’t want to cut a hole in your favorite plush toy, so it might be best to go out and buy a cheap teddy bear. It doesn’t have to be big. Then just cut a slit in its belly or in its back and stash your weed right inside. You can set it up on a shelf or on the bed, and it’s probably unlikely anybody will go reaching into the belly of your sweet little teddy bear looking for a bag of weed.

5. Cutting out a book

book stsh 6 Genius Weed Stash Spots
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You can actually buy stash containers now that look like a book from the outside that you can just slide onto your bookshelf. If you’re feeling a little more creative, a Stanley knife and a book that you no longer care about will do the trick. Just cut a hole in the pages deep enough to stash your weed and your piece or whatever else you’re looking to hide. But make sure it’s somewhat of a boring book so that no one will be tempted to pull it off the shelf and have a browse.

6. Tape it to the bottom of the desk

tape 6 Genius Weed Stash Spots
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This is for those who want to keep it simple. Remember that you should always be trying to hide the smell of your weed if it’s going to be somewhere as open as this. You could probably even tape it to the bottom of the dinner table and no one would find out. It’s important that you know your house when using any of these tricks. If the computer desk is hardly ever used, then it could be the best hiding place to tape it to the bottom. Just don’t get caught trying to retrieve it!

Have you any other sweet stash spots? Let us know in the comments or on social media below.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 29, 2016