8 Stoner Christmas Carols

Help bring a little more ‘green’ to your Christmas this season with these 8 weed-infused stoner Christmas carols.

Dec 20, 2015
stoner christmas carols

Getting into the spirit of Christmas means making Santa Claus happy, so that he might bring you some weed or smoking paraphernalia for Christmas! So to get in the spirit of Christmas this year, why not sing some stoner Christmas carols?

This is a fun way to get everyone in the mood to smoke a joint, and not to mention they are really funny! So if you’re the kind of person who wants Santa Claus to bring some smokeable toys to you on Christmas day, check out these 8 stoner Christmas carols!

1. Vaporizer for Christmas

Fancy a vaporizer for Christmas? This Santa Clause is particularly interested in getting stoned this year, and wants to bring vaporizers to everyone for Christmas! I want a vaporizer for Christmas, for pure THC toking!

2. The Christmas Carol Megamix!


This is a compilation of Jet Baker’s 12 Christmas songs, although these ones are for those getting baked, not those doing the baking! He spends the entire duration of the compilation wishing everyone a Merry Marijuana Christmas, and from the sound of his voice he was probably very stoned when the inspiration came for this.

3. Cannabis is growing in town

Well, this is the kind of thing that happens as a result of stoned teenagers in the classroom. And we can’t help but be grateful for those bored moments in class that inspire such creations. This remake of Santa Claus is Coming to Town is parodied as Cannabis is Growing In Town. It’s hilarious and it’s perfect, and it spreads the Kushmas cheer!

4. O Chronic Tree!

Everyone should get a little Afroman into them this Christmas, with his very own stoner Christmas carol! This song is an ode to the chronic tree that we all love, lest we might find everything we are looking for beneath the chronic tree this year!

5. 12 days of ganja Christmas

This is definitely how I would like to spend my 12 days before Christmas, until finally celebrating the day getting totally high! I’m surprised that the maker of this video made it through the eighth day to tell the tale!

6. The Ganja Bell Rock

Well, after seeing this video you’ll agree that this song should only ever be sung by two pretty little Christmas elves! The rock song that celebrates smoking a bong on Christmas day.

7. Carol of the Buds

Christmas is here and pot brings the cheer! This is the perfect stoner Christmas carol to excite your psychedelic senses this holiday season! A trippy original Christmas song!

8. Weed for Christmas!

Well not all of us are into the traditional Christmas carol, so if you’re into the idea of rapping for Santa Claus this carol is for you! If all you want for Christmas is weed…

Dec 20, 2015