9 Pound Hammer: This Powerful Indica Will Smash Your Pain Away

9 Pound Hammer is a potent and heavy-hitting indica. With up to 23% THC, this powerful strain affects the body from head to toe.

Dec 22, 2016

9 Pound Hammer is a sleepy indica with an uplifting and heady beginning. Those seeking relief from insomnia and chronic pain will appreciate the heavy-bodied sensation this strain provides. This strain is also quite popular among recreational consumers, thanks to the incredibly high THC levels this strain boasts. The psychoactive effects will hit you like a hammer.

Strain details

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9 Pound Hammer is a heavy-hitting strain from TGA Subcool Seeds. A three-way cross between Gooberry (indica), Hell’s OG (hybrid), and Jack The Ripper (sativa).

The result is an 80% indica strain that provides fast pain relief and muscle relaxation.

This strain has inherited some potency. On average, 9 Pound Hammer produces between 18 and 23% THC. With such high THC levels, this sleepy flower is recommended for those with some cannabis experience. Novice consumers may find 9 Pound Hammer a little too sedative.

9 Pound Hammer boasts an earthy aroma with hints of sweet berry and lime. More of the earth and pungent notes shine through in the flavor.

This strain is known for producing resin-coated buds in a fast 55 to 65 days, making it a great cash crop for commercial grows.

The 9 Pound Hammer experience

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TGA Subcool seeds bred took the sativa lineage of this strain to the fullest, while still maintaining powerful indica body effects.

The overall experience is heavy hitting and sedating, however, this strain boasts some interesting cerebral effects. It produces a powerful couch-lock, so be prepared to spend some time glued to your spot.

Within 15 minutes, a happy, euphoric head high takes hold, boosting mood and cultivating a positive well-being. The positive uplift this strain provides makes it the perfect way to de-stress after a long day.

It also tends to increase appetite, making it a nice pre-dinner treat. However, a slow and sleepy feeling often begins to set in midway through the experience.

Overall, 9 Pound Hammer is recommended as an evening or nighttime strain. Though this drowsy flower provides an initial mental boost, the effects are heavily sedating and can quickly send you off to sleep.

For anyone who struggles to get to sleep, this strain should be a requirement on your bedside table.

Why do people use 9 Pound Hammer?

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9 Pound Hammer is a strain for a cold and rainy day. The heavy, tranquilizing effects of this strain make it a top choice for days when you just want to hang out inside and spend some quality time watching movies.

Some may also enjoy a little inspiration from this flower while working on a undemanding project or artistic venture.

The top medical pick for 9 Pound Hammer is pain. This strain has some serious body-numbing effects, which makes is a popular choice among those with chronic and fairly severe pain.

Following a similar vein, 9 Pound Hammer is an excellent choice for tension headaches and muscular stiffness and fatigue. This is one soothing and relaxing bud.

As mentioned above, this strain is also a potent sleep aid. This strain is popular among those with insomnia.

The heavy-lidded effects may take a short while to fully kick in, but it certainly won’t be difficult to sleep after a dose of this medicinal herb. Chronic stress and depression are two additional uses for this strain.

Dec 22, 2016