9 Terms For Weed From Around The World You Need To Know

How many of these slang terms from around the world are you familiar with?

Jun 7, 2016 - Dee Giznik


Many of us have developed code words for cannabis, discrete ways to conversate about the herb without drawing unnecessary attention. Whether it’s an attempt to quietly invite others to partake in a smoke session or a way of obtaining more flowers without being noticed, cannabis consumers have been creating slang terms for decades in reference to the magical plant.

Across the world, cannabis enthusiasts have developed their own terms to identify the most sought after medicinal herb on the planet. Mota, plan, and bareta are terms any traveler should add to their vocabulary if trying to score cannabis in another country is a goal. There are a few more important terms, too. Commit to memory these nine strange terms for cannabis from around the world.

1. Turkey: “Ot”

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Translated into English, “ot” literally means “weed”. When pronounced properly, the term sounds more like “oat,” and is the most common phrase used among the cannabis cultures of Turkey.

2. South Africa: “Zol”

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In South Africa, always be sure to ask for “zol.” This term refers to a higher-potency strain of cannabis; the good-good, stinky buds. Cheaper, less-potent cannabis is called “jut.”

3. Colombia: “Bareta”

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Pronounced like the gun model, Beretta, Colombian’s commonly use this term to replace the Western World’s use of the word “weed”. Because Beretta’s are a strong type of firearm, perhaps the slang “bareta” was selected to represent their potent strains of cannabis.

4. Egypt: “Bango”

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In Egypt, leaves and stems of the cannabis plant are dried, just like buds, and later rolled into joints, called “bango.” This less-potent product is common among the Egyptian youth and working class, a majority of the population, adding to the terms popularity.

5. Russia: “Plan”

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Used in place of “weed”, Russians refer to their herb as “plan.” The word is so common, it makes sense that unsuspecting persons would remain unaware of any discussion involving cannabis. It takes the secrecy to an entirely new level.

6. Mexico: “Churro”

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Yes, yes, the sugary-sweet cinnamon sticks are also called churros, but lately, the term has been coined in reference to joints. Perhaps, enjoying a churro, then enjoying churros would be the proper solution. It seems to be the most logical conclusion.

7. France: L’Herbe

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Ah, nothing like L’Herbe on a Monday morning. L’Herbe simply means “the grass,” but everything sounds so much fancier in French. Atop the Eiffel Tower, it would be nice to enjoy L’Herbe, remember that for future visits.

8. India: “Bhang”

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This specific type of cannabis found in India is more like what many of us would call an edible. Cannabis is crushed and rolled into a paste or powder and mixed with yogurt or other fruit-based concoctions, then eaten to deliver a powerfully potent mind and body high.

9. Puerto Rico: “Mota”

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Puerto Rico is home to some fantastic cannabis, so be sure to know “mota” is a common term used when trying to score in the islands. The slang word is a good fallback to use while traveling through any Spanish speaking area, as it is widely understood to mean marijuana.

What are your slang terms for cannabis? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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