Afgoo: The Perfect Old School Indica For A Lazy Weekend

This California indica made its debut in the 1980s and Afgoo is still a popular selection among recreational and medical consumers alike.

Jun 2, 2017

Afgoo, sometimes called “Afgooey” is an old school California strain. This bud has been around since the 1980s and it’s still going strong. While some classic strains are difficult to get your hands on these days, Afgoo is still fairly popular on the West Coast and may even be spotted in an Amsterdam coffee shop or two. Pick up this sleepy bud for a lazy evening or weekend.

Strain details

The Afgoo strain is rumored to be a descendant of an Afghani strain and Maui Haze. The Afghani really shines through in this bud. Though this strain is technically a hybrid, it is classified as an indica thanks to high levels of a particular terpene called myrcene. Terpenes are the aroma molecules that give cannabis buds their unique fragrance.

This plant tends to be fast flowering and heavy yielding, which is great for home growers looking for a productive crop. The THC in Afgoo can also get quite high, possibly even up to 28 percent when grown with expert skill and attention. As such a potent strain, this bud is recommended for those with some cannabis experience.

The aroma of this bud strongly takes after its Afghan heritage. Perhaps thanks to the myrcene, the aromatic base of this bud is a strong earthy musk. Afgoo also has a woody quality, giving it a forest-like scent. A slight sweet skunkiness and a pine-like acidity add the finishing touches to this crystal-coated flower.

The Afgoo experience

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This is definitely a nighttime flower. Sedative and heavy-lidded, this bud provides a deep and relaxing body high. Fast-acting, many find that Afgoo kicks in after just a few short minutes. Fortunately for those who need extended relief, the overall effects of this bud are notably long-lasting as well.

While you may find yourself sinking into the couch after a few solid puffs, this flower tends to provide a creative, uplifting experience. Strongly euphoric, Afgoo offers a happy and blissful experience that can turn just about any frown upside down.

Novice consumers might find themselves a little paranoid after a few too many hits. However, the most common complaint with this indica is dry mouth and dry eyes. So, have some water and eye drops at the ready!

Like most high-THC strains, Afgoo is known to increase appetite and distort your sense of time. If you’re hungry enough to put some dinner in the oven, you might want to set a timer. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to forget!

Why do people use Afgoo?

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Recreationally, Afgoo is a strain recommended for a lazy Sunday or the evening time. Since this bud causes some sleepiness, it’s best to save it for times when you don’t need to focus or remain intellectually engaged. Experienced indica fans may find that they can successfully microdose this strain during the day for a happy, creative buzz.

On the medical side, it may not be surprising to hear that Afgoo is popular for insomnia. Yet, it’s also often a top selection for nighttime pain management and evening stress reduction. A potent sedative, Afgoo is also thought to be particularly helpful for muscle spasms and tension.

Many with mental health ailments like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder also swear by this bud.

Jun 2, 2017