This Is Airbnb’s Cannabis Policy

Due to the fact that Airbnb has locations all over the country, it’s difficult for them to have a set policy when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Jun 17, 2017

States like Colorado and California are starting to attract a whole new type of tourist, thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis. Travelers are flocking to these places just to have the opportunity to partake in some rare and exquisite cannabis treats. However, many are finding it difficult to actually enjoy their prize, thanks to laws put in place to prevent public consumption, but when it comes to private properties, like many of those listed on Airbnb, the rules are a little different.

Airbnb restrictions

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For many cannabis lovers, traveling to enjoy some of the finest products is a carefully thought out, detailed trip that can take months of planning. Everything is decided, from which dispensaries to visit, to where to go once you’ve achieved the high.

Every step of the trip is meticulously outlined to prevent missing anything special. There’s just one thing you hadn’t considered, can you even consume cannabis in the place where you’ll be resting your head?

Most hotels and motels, even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, have a no smoking policy for their area. While there might be some leeway based on individual hotels, the major chains remain a smoke-free zone because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level.

To make matters even more difficult, most public places restrict cannabis use, too. Vaping, dabbing and even consuming edibles in a public location, unless specifically noted otherwise, is strictly prohibited. While it might be tempting to break these rules and pop a canna-candy, know that the penalties range from a simple citation to possible jail time depending on where the location is.

So, how can cannabis tourists avoid the scuttle and enjoy all the cannabis recreational states have to offer?

Gray area

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House sharing has become the new way to travel. Airbnb offers visitors the chance to stay in the private home of a resident who has listed their own property for short-term renting. Not only does Airbnb offer great deals and the chance to really experience an area like a local, they also have no concrete cannabis policy.

Due to the fact that Airbnb has locations all over the country, it’s difficult for them to have a set policy when it comes to cannabis consumption. Instead, they allow individual posters to choose whether their property is “420 friendly” or not, but this specific filter is not currently an option when narrowing down a search.

Andrew W., an Airbnb representative, says the varying laws and federal restrictions make it difficult for them to publicly allow a 420-friendly filter.

We cannot create a filter for this at the moment, unfortunately. Because it is not legal in a lot of places, we could have a scenario where people are putting up 420-friendly in areas where it is illegal.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re renting a cannabis-friendly dwelling. First, ensure the listing says “Smoking Allowed.” While this could pertain to just cigarettes, it’s a step in the right direction. Renters can also search Google with word combinations like “cannabis” and “Airbnb.”

Also, since listings can be deemed specifically “420-friendly,” look for other terms like “green-friendly,” or other words that might hint at cannabis being approved.

Jun 17, 2017