4 Epic Ways You Can Make A Next-Level Apple Pipe

These techniques will next-level your apple pipe game and are sure to make you the genius of your next smoking circle.

Oct 31, 2016

Loaded Up Cannabis Entertainment has teamed up with MasterBong to bring you four new alternatives to the classic apple pipes. These techniques will make you the genius of your next smoking circle. With an apple bubbler or a double barrel apple pipe, old-school apple pipes will be a thing of the past. these pipes will take your apple pipe game to the next level. Check out the video below and if you enjoyed, watch some more videos on Loaded Up’s YouTube channel.

4X more ingenuity than the OG apple pipe

MasterBong takes stoner ingenuity to the next level with these four pipes:

  1. Save Some For Later pipe
  2. Quarter pipe
  3. Double Barrel shotgun
  4. Apple Bubbler pipe

Experts often say that the best apple pipes are made with very large and crisp apples. So, with a little research, the five best apple varieties that HERB recommends for following along with the MasterBong tutorial are as follows:

  1. Gala
  2. Fuji
  3. Honeycrisp
  4. Red Delicious
  5. Granny Smith

If you don’t have any of those at your local market, just try and find the biggest and firmest apple you can, with little to no blemishes or imperfections.


Oct 31, 2016