Are The Proposed THC Capping Laws Trying To Kills The Concentrates Market?

After years of breeding strains to their highest THC potency, saw residents of this state are facing new laws requiring limits on THC amounts.

Apr 8, 2016

Some Colorado residents are suggesting a limit be set on the maximum THC levels allowed in medical and recreational marijuana products. This means oils, edibles, dabs and even regular dried flowers, which have been bred to carry a high THC potency, would have to contain less than 15-16% THC.

With the average potency of a Colorado plant being around 17.1%, and the average CO extract coming in around 62.1% THC, the new restrictions could mean the end of certain cannabis businesses.

Expert opinion

Ricardo Baca, Denver Post marijuana editor, sat down with expert THC extractor, Ry Prichard, to discuss the impact these proposed restrictions would have on the Colorado cannabis industry.

“I don’t even know how this could be a workable thing,” said Prichard. “If you look at the numbers, there’s probably only 10-20% of strains that could even test that low, and normally things that test that low are because they’re grown really poorly or a variety of negative factors that would cause something to test that low; it’s not very common.”

Extract murder

Baca goes on to question Prichard as to whether or not he believes these anti-cannabis initiative are “trying to kill concentrates in Colorado,” and if Prichard believes the bill will have any success passing into legislation.

“I think it’s a very thinly-veiled attempt at doing that,” said Prichard. “It would effectively eliminate every product on the market right now…I literally don’t know what kind of starting material you would have to have in order to end up with a concentrate that tests 15%.”

Prichard is positive the cannabis community is laughing at the proposed bill, saying obviously it’s written by anti-marijuana groups and people who “don’t understand the ins and outs of how things work.”

The full interview offers interesting insight into the Colorado cannabis world.

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Apr 8, 2016