Arizer Solo II: What Makes It Special For Your Herb?

Arizer just released the Solo II, and it’s amazing. Here’s why this may be the best new portable vaporizer on the market.

Jun 1, 2017
Man smoking Arizer Solo II

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Many die-hard fans fell in love with the Arizer Solo when it first hit the market. Now, Arizer has come out with a new and much-improved update. The Arizer Solo II is a welcome addition to the world of luxury portable vaporizers. Featuring an excellent design, the Solo II produces a thick vapor with a delightful, pure taste. Made with medical-grade materials, the Solo II is perhaps one of the safest vaporizers on the market. Here’s why it is so special for your herb.

Arizer Solo II: What makes it so special?

Arizer Solo II 1 7 Things That may Happen the First Time you Smoke Weed
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The Arizer Solo II is far more compact than the original model, and it features an upgraded digital display. However, there are three primary reasons why this herb vaporizer stands apart from other portables on the market. These reasons include:

1. The Arizer Solo II has an all-glass vapor path

Arizer Solo II 2 7 Things That may Happen the First Time you Smoke Weed
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Finding a glass vapor path in a portable vape can be difficult. Glass is inert, which means that it is chemically inactive. Metals and plastics can off-gas under heat, distorting the flavor. Glass and ceramic products, however, are able to withstand high temperature without causing any distortions in taste.

The Arizer Solo II features an attachable vapor path made from borosilicate glass. The vapor path has a wide opening, which enables consumers to inhale a thick and strong vapor. This portable also features an oven with a ceramic heating element and stainless steel walls, allowing consumers to get a truer taste and strain experience.

2. It also features customizable temperature controls

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The temperature range on the Arizer Solo II is also impressive. Adjustable temperature controls allow you to better customize your vaping experience, heating your herb anywhere from 122 to 428°F (50 to 220°C).

Lower temperatures will provide a milder vaping experience, while higher temperatures will create a stronger, more euphoric high. Consumers can also easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius using the Solo II’s LED display.

Read this article to learn more about how vaporizer temperature affects your high.

3. The Solo II has an upgraded dual convection/conduction oven

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Not only is the Solo II made with high-quality and safe materials, but it features a dual heating system that utilizes both convection and conduction methods.

Convection gently melts cannabis resins with hot air. Conduction relies on a hot surface to gently heat plant material. Vapes that use only conductive heating risk charring plant material and burning the plant when temperature settings are too high.

The Solo II’s max temperature is thought to be too low for combustion, which risks turning your vapor into smoke. However, the dual heating system in this vape creates a very even and smooth-tasting vapor. Heating up in just 28 seconds, the Solo II is certainly an impressive machine.

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Jun 1, 2017