The Past Empowers The Future With The Limited Edition Aurora Flight Pen

The Dr. Dabber has released the limited edition Aurora Flight Pen vaporizer, and proceeds go to medical cannabis programs for vets.

Feb 2, 2017

Now is the time to order your limited edition Dr. Dabber Aurora Flight Pen. Only 710 of these specialty oil vapes are available, marking Dr. Dabber’s first limited edition product ever. The Aurora Flight Pen is a Dr.Dabber exclusive commemorative wax vaporizer pen in honor of some of the most tactically successful pilots of World War II. To top things off, some proceeds from the Aurora Flight Pen sales will go directly to an organization that helps vets access the medical cannabis they need.

A historic commemoration

The Aurora Flight Pen is no ordinary wax vape pen. This portable vaporizer reaches into the knowledge of the past to inspire change for the future. While the Aurora vape may be one of the best wax vaporizer pens around, the limited edition model is a product that gives back.

This handy device was created in honor of the Flying Tigers, a volunteer group of American soldiers who joined the Chinese Airforce during the heart of World War II.

The men of the Flying Tigers were the best of the best. In their time in the air, the Flying Tigers took down a total of 296 aircraft while losing only 14 pilots of their own.

A true spectacle, Flying Tiger planes were adorned with an instantly recognizable painted shark nose. That same shark nose is painted on every Dr. Dabber piece.

After Pearl Harbor, it was this iconic image and the bravery of the servicemen that helped a shocked nation once again develop confidence.

Now, Dr. Dabber wants to commemorate these World War II heroes with perhaps one of the best keepsakes around, a wax vape pen.

Proceeds for veterans

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This limited edition piece is about more than creating a cool new trinket. With this project, Dr. Dabber has taken on the role of social entrepreneur.

The company has partnered with Grow for Vets USA, a non-profit organization that provides medical cannabis access to veterans with physical and mental injury and illness.

33 percent of the proceeds from the Aurora Flight Pen will go be donated to Grow for Vets, helping them provide access to potentially life-saving cannabis for former men of service.

The scope of this donation is not small, either. Rodger Martin, executive director of Grow for Vets is enthusiastic about the project, and explains,

We very much appreciate the generosity of the Dr. Dabber team. The donation that they will be making from the sale of The Flight Edition will represent the largest single financial contribution we have received.

With funding, Grow for Vets hosts cannabis-friendly events for veterans and their families. The organization also provides free cannabis grab bags to vets when possible, and provides access to forums and educational newsletters.

Not only does Grow for Vets help veterans access what they need to the best of their ability, but the organization creates a vital support community for members of the armed forces. When it comes to healing, access to a supportive network is priceless.

How to get your Aurora Flight Pen

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The Aurora Pen is Dr. Dabber’s most popular model and one of the best portable vaporizer kits on the market.

This limited edition Flight Pen comes in an individually numbered wooden box. It also features a complete kit, which includes a charging dock with custom plane graphics, a camouflage silicone storage container, a Flying Tigers keychain and other accessories.

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Feb 2, 2017