These are the most beautiful pipes and bongs on earth


Made with elegant cobalt blue borosilicate glass Jane West pipes and bongs will elevate your next smoke session.

Brittney Sanger
Apr 22, 2018
Keep your smoke sessions classy with the Jane West Collection
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It’s a new day and age for weed enthusiasts. Rather than taking puffs out of soda cans and cheap pipes, there are now bold and beautiful devices to play with instead. Not only do they get you high, but they also elevate the experience of smoking the herb. Thanks to leading lady in the cannabis industry, Jane West, you no longer have to look or feel like such a couch-locked stoner while smoking a bowl. Now you can feel like a total boss.

Jane West is the complete opposite of a stoner. Aside from being the founder of the most massive professional networking organization in the entire weed industry, West is the CEO of Jane West, a chic cannabis lifestyle brand dedicated to taking your smoke sessions to the next level. On top of that, West has collaborated with GRAV to launch the Jane West Collection, a line of elegant cobalt blue borosilicate glass smoking accessories that look as fabulous on display as they do in your hands while you toke.

Despite looking like a million bucks, the Jane West Collection doesn’t cost a fortune. These jaw-dropping silhouettes do, however, deliver the most exceptional smoke. There are not one, but precisely five ways to keep your smoke sessions classy with the Jane West Collection. From bongs to bubblers, each piece will transform you from a frumpy pot smoker into a classy cannabis connoisseur.

The Beaker


Taking rips from a bong has never been classier, until now, props to the Beaker from the Jane West Collection. The Beaker features a broad base to ensure it never turns over, regardless if it’s in session or being displayed proudly on your nightstand. Speaking of a sesh, the Beaker delivers beautiful clouds. In fact, the smoke is so smooth that it feels like you’re smoking air. And being that it’s so spacious, the Beaker can hold generous amounts of water for filtration. Add some quality H2O into this bubbly beauty, and you’ll enjoy clean and tasty hits with every rip.

The Spoon

Prefer to keep it simple, but classy when it comes to smoking your favorite herb? If so, then the Spoon from the Jane West Collection is just the pipe you need. Featuring a fun-size frame with a rounded bowl, the Spoon is both sturdy and pocket portable, making it convenient for every occasion, from lady’s night out to Netflix and chill. Although the Spoon isn’t a towering apparatus, this baby produces large, yet delicate clouds with every draw. Just like any hulking smokeable instrument would.

The Bubbler

If you want to look and feel like a boss lady, or man, because the Jane West Collection does not discriminate, then the Bubbler is everything. The Bubbler offers the same smooth and massive rips you get from a bong, but from a smaller, more compact device. Between its slightly curved body and its broader base, the Bubbler is both comfortable to hold and to leave resting aesthetically on the coffee table. But for ultimate relaxation and charm, it’s best to fire the Bubbler up and pull in that pure, THC-filled smoke you love so dearly.

The Taster

If you thought it didn’t get any more chic or convenient than all of the above, then you’re wrong. The Taster is a tiny addition to the Jane West Collection. But like the rest of the fam, it sure is a beaut. Whether you need a quick puff or herb or something small to throw in your purse or pants pocket for medicating away from home, the Taster is ideal for any connoisseur looking for fast relief on-the-go.

The Steamroller

The Steamroller from the Jane West Collection may look innocent, but don’t be fooled. The Steamroller, with its oversized carb and lifted bowl, has more to offer than sweet tokes. Using little effort at all, the Steamroller produces incredible-size hits. And because it’s perfectly portable, you can take the Steamroller anywhere and enjoy a quality smoke session without a hassle.


Brittney Sanger
Apr 22, 2018