The “Hottest” Innovation Takes Your Dabbing Experience To The Next Level

Want the hottest and coolest dab set up on the market today? Check out these great Electronic Enail sets from Bee-Nails, the most convenient and innovative company in the industry.

Mar 4, 2016

There is nothing like having a fresh slab of dabs, only to realize your heating torch is out of fuel! With Bee-Nails electronic dab rigs you’ll never have to worry with such frustrations again. These amazing innovative products have stepped up the game, introducing an electronic heating component to keep you buzzed golden with no need to worry about extra tools and heating torches.

Dabbing with the best 

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After doing some research on the hottest bongs and dab rigs available, we came across what we think is one of the best in the business of dab rig technology. After speaking with the awesome crew at about wanting to try their new products they sent us their top of the line Recycler Hive Set, on the market at $349.99. We highly recommend this to all concentrate lovers giving it a double thumbs up for great design, efficiency, and well-crafted innovation.

“Our electric nails (e-nails or enails) lead the industry in design, innovation, safety, and of course, health. More importantly, through rigorous product testing and continuous innovation, we are able to meet the needs and desires of our customers, by offering Bee-Nails sets to meet your varied vaporization needs.” -Bee Nails Product Team

Out with the old and in with the new

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This is one of the most well designed rig packages of the day, a greatly crafted kit coming with an electronic digital temperature control box, with USB ports to charge other devices, and a heating unit that is ready in minutes, allowing for the perfect extract vapes for all who want anywhere between the best low temperature, to high temperature dabbage around (and can’t fail to mention it comes without those unhealthy butane torch risk on the lungs that other rigs of the past just don’t offer.)

The rig itself is either a tight cool blue finish to keep you dabbing in style and features the Colorado “CO” logo on the heating unit with the awesome Bee-Nails logo front facing, or a sleek black finish featuring the Bee-Nails logo and a pop of bright green. Moreover, the kit comes with a 20mm kevlar heating coil, power cord, users manual, matte white bee-nails storage box for on the go, 18mm quartz nail and carb cap, a bee-nails silicone dab mat for clean preparation, and sweet rubber concentrate holder.

We give this product a 10/10 for innovative style, product features, and all-out high-end performance for its heavy hits at both high and low temps.  What makes this product go above and beyond the call is its electronic features and the customer support is phenomenal in response to your concerns about the bee nails line.  Bee-nails offers a lifetime warranty on their products, and well, those who have ever had the too-high friend kick over their favorite glass piece know, that this is just a package that can’t be beaten!!

We highly recommend this one for all those tech savvy hippies and dab loving stoners. Bee-Nails is ideal for any cannabis patients or recreational users that use, or are interested in using extracts!

Check out the video below to watch Ali from Bee-Nails chat to Jay Price from the Clinic Marijuana Center about the Elevated Enail.

Bee-Nails provide free shipping on all sets and offer a lifetime warranty on the electronic heating box. You can reach them at 844-Bee-Nail (233-6245) or at  Check out bee-nails products at

Try Bee-nails electronic enail products for dabbing done right and let us know what you think on social media or in the comments below.

Mar 4, 2016