Berner Shows Us How To Roll The Best Joint Ever


Weed lover and entrepreneur Berner shows us how to roll like a pro, and not get busted.

Rolling a joint is a process of love, but in some places, it can be a love that has to be kept hidden. You can roll one in almost any shape under the sun, but it takes a little extra forethought to roll one that you can enjoy completely without paranoia later. Famous rap artist and entrepreneur Berner shows us how to do it right.


If you are crossing less-than-friendly territory with your herb, nothing kills a buzz quicker than berries and cherries flashing behind you. If you know how to avoid probable cause, however, you can face scrutiny with your head held high. Berner does just that by double-bag, vacuum sealing his stash every time. No smell means no worries.

Berner shows off his company’s USB-powered rechargeable vacuum sealer that only takes seconds to eliminate any trace of that distinct smell. Throw on a little spray for yourself, and you are good to go.

One of the most important things about getting high is enjoying your high, and if he ain’t got no probable cause, it’s gonna be a really nice ride.

Rolling quality

Properly ground herb is essential, as is knowing what your smoking environment will be, says Berner. High winds require a different joint than an indoor smoke. Blunts don’t need as fine a grind. He mixes up some Lemon Sour-Diesel and shows us how to roll a filtered cone like a pro.

To wet your whistle afterwards, he goes with his own line of Hemp2o herbal beverages. Grinding is easy with a Santa Cruz Shredder.


Gilbert Milam Jr., a.k.a. Berner to his legion of fans acts as a prime example of a grassroots success. He started off at local SF rap battles in 2007 and eventually created his own label. He has released 10 independent albums, several of which have charted on Billboard’s “Top Rap Albums”.

Taking his success even further, he teamed up with Wiz Khalifa on the Taylor Gang, and notoriously introduced Wiz to his personally developed strain, Cookies, which he helped promote into a worldwide favorite. Did I mention he started off working as a grower?

He started his own clothing line, “Cookies”, and turned it into a brand that he says brought in $12 million in 2015. Branching out into beverages, smoking accessories, and other merchandise, he has made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with in a short period of time.

Everything he touches has a weed-centered theme, though he has managed to stay away from direct involvement with the plant, leaving his businesses open to banking access, big-league investment, and worldwide distribution. That is one tough cookie.

Do you zip your stash? Do you vacuum seal? Have you passed through the ordeal of being stopped and walked away scot-free? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.