The Best 15 ‘Highdeas’ People Have Ever Had

A lot of people find that their creative senses are heightened while smoking marijuana, coming up with unique ideas and clever innovations that might never have crossed their minds at first.

Feb 13, 2016

While there are stoners who tend to sit back and keep their high thoughts to themselves, there are also those who just can’t hold it in any longer. Thanks to the Internet, people who feel the need to share their high thoughts with the world can now do so on a website called Stoners alike can post their ‘highdeas’ on the site with the possibility of receiving feedback from their fellow cannabis users.

Most of these ‘highdeas’ are well, high ideas, however, there are some true gems in the mix. The following are some of the best, most clever, and more relatable ‘highdeas’ that have ever been posted.

1. If Dogs Were People

Hmm… I wonder what kind of dog Donald Trump would be.

“Dogs Can Be Like People”

house dogs r like americans.good life, privileged, eat a lot.
wolves r like native americans.proud, move in groups, live in nature
and coyotes r like homeless people.skinny, have a hard life, kinda smell bad
but you feel sorry 4 them

2. Rethinking The Word ‘Snow’

Yep, definitely makes more sense.


Shouldn’t the word “snow” sound like the word “now” but with an “s”?

3.  Homeless People Need Markers Too

I’ve thought this too…

“Homeless People”

where do they get the markers they make their signs with?

4. Let Morgan Freeman Be Your Guide

I agree, this would be pretty awesome.

“Morgan Freeman GPS”

I think it would be awesome if you could get Morgan Freeman’s voice on GPS.
It would be like he’s narrating your travels.

5. Let’s Make Google Useful Again

“Google- where’s my weed?” “You smoked it all, idiot.”

“Don’t you wish”

that you could google anything? Like, “where’s my cellphone?” and google would be like “under the couch, dumbass”

6. Glow In The Dark Bubbles

This would  make for some awesome raves.

“Ohhh shit”

Get a bottle of bubbles. Get glow sticks. Cut open the glow sticks and dump them into the bubble solution. Turn off the lights and you got yourself glow in the dark bubbles. BOOM.
You’re welcome.

7. The Truth About Super Mario

No wonder it took Mario forever to save Princess Peach…

“Today I realized that Mario is a homeless person…”

Today, I realized that Mario is definitely homeless. He wakes up every day wearing the same clothes, runs around in sewers, beats up people for their money, and what does he spend it on? Mushrooms.

8. The Grinch Or A Marijuana Bud?

This is totally what Dr. Seuss had in mind the entire time.

“The Grinch… a metaphor for weed?”

Anyone ever thought about this? He’s a light green, hairy thing (kush) who was looked down upon by the townspeople. But, once some people start giving him a chance, he brings people together with laughter, happiness, and a shitload of munchies.
Dr Seuss definitely burned down.

9. Why Gingers Don’t Have Souls

This guy just opened up a whoooole new door.

“Got Soul”

If gingers have no soul… is it due to the lack of pigment? And is that why black people have so much soul?

10. Introducing The Weed Magnet

There’s nothing I love more than some Grade A carpet weed.

“weed magnet”

there most grams upon grams of weed in my carpet. someone needs to invent a weed magnet. i must smoke my carpet weed.

11. Facebook Is Like A Fridge

I don’t know about you, but this is probably one of the best metaphors I have ever heard.


facebook is a lot like a fridge. When you’re bored you keep opening and closing it every couple of minutes to see if there’s anything good, but nothing ever changes.

12. Stop Molexting Me

Statistics show that every 6 minutes somebody gets molexted. Don’t become another statistic.


If you get sexted by someone you don’t wanna sext with, did you just get molexted?

13. Take Me To Your Midget Leader

I could see this going either very well or very badly. There is no in between.

“Midget Village”

Buy a forest. Adopt 8 midget babies every year (mixed race). Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you’re their god.

14. Welcome To Weed Country

Country slogan: Welcome to… Wait, What Are We Called Again?

“Possibly my greatest idea ever..”

Since I know 99.9% of stoners never have that much money on them but are always willing to throw down, what if all the stoners in the world all threw down and bought a country. Then we could all just live there and chill out all day long. Weed could be the currency and the only jobs that would be ever be needed are glass blowers, food service industries and maybe some stand up comedians. Just personal preference, but i say we buy australia

15. Too Knee-git To Quit

Don’t forget about those elbows!

“Knees are legit”

have YOU ever tried walking/running without bending your knees?

Whether you think your ‘highdea’ is the most genius discovery you’ve ever had or the silliest, you never know where it might take you. I mean, hey, you might even become a leader of a midget village one day, and that would be pretty cool.

Have you ever had a groundbreaking ‘highdea?’ If so, what was it? Let us know on social media or by commenting below.

Feb 13, 2016