These edibles are next level

Chefs are doing some crazy things with bud these days.

Jan 7, 2018
Cannabis Edibles Jam

Photography by @theflorallens, Photo courtesy of Flour Child Collective via Facebook

Cooking is sometimes described as a science and that applies in few cases as much as it does in cannabis cuisine. With the growing legalization of marijuana, there’s been an explosion of creative chefs using tinctures, waxes, and flower to make mouth-watering edibles never seen before.

Illinois: Mindy Segal

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Chef Mindy Segal, Photo Courtesy of Cresco Labs

Mindy Segal, a Chicago-based award-winning chef, is most known for her gourmet restaurant and dessert bar HotChocolate. But in 2016, she partnered with Illinois’ largest cannabis cultivator to found Mindy Segal Edibles. Her infused sweets, reminiscent of chocolates from an artisan candy shop, are available at dispensaries throughout the state of Illinois. They include a dark chocolate almond toffee, chocolate sea salt caramels, and strawberry sparkling wine hard candies.

 Can you eat raw weed?
Assorted Toffee and Chocolate Brittle, Photo by Jennifer Olsen Photography

Arizona and California: Payton Curry

PAYTON CURRY 2 Can you eat raw weed?
Chef Payton Curry, Photo Courtesy of Flourish

After Chef Payton Curry attended the world’s most prestigious culinary school and worked at award-winning restaurants in California, he founded edible company Flourish. The concept is to not only make edibles that are tasty, but healthy too.

Curry goes beyond just CBD and THC by incorporating terpenes, the oils that give cannabis flowers their unique smell and flavor. The company says they take dosing seriously, with a range of potency from extremely strong to CBD-only edibles. And, of course, their products—from an addictive onion dip to a chocolate peanut butter pudding with 300 mg of THC—are next level. Flourish edibles are sold in dispensaries in Arizona and California.


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Photo Courtesy of Flourish

California: Stephany Gocobachi

 Can you eat raw weed?
Chef Stephany Gocobachi, Photo Courtesy of Chris Romaine

Chef Stephany Gocobachi and her partner Akhil Khadse are taking all the local organic trends in California and applying them to the cannabis world with their brand FlourChild Collective. The ingredients for their seasonal homemade jams and granola come from nearby farmers. Unlike many edibles at dispensaries, they’re not designed for people who want to get as high as possible. They’re about helping people incorporate cannabis into their everyday lives. A scoop of jam is only 2.5 mg of THC which, spread on some toast in the morning, could be a delicious and less intimidating way for cannabis newbies and patients to wake and bake. For now, you gotta be in California to pick up these delicacies.

FLOURCHILD MAR2017 679 Can you eat raw weed?
Cannabis-infused Granola, Photo Courtesy of Flour Child

Everywhere: Jessica Catalano

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Chef Jessica Catalano, Photo Courtesy of Jessica Catalano

Chef Jessica Catalano pioneered strain-specific cooking. She creates recipes that harness the flavors of sativas, indicas, and hybrids which naturally go well with certain foods. For people who live in states where marijuana is still illegal, she has a book, “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cooking.” She also has an extensive online archive of cannabis recipes organized in categories from “drinks” to “breakfast and brunch.” So if you were just about to close this article in frustration cause you don’t live anywhere near a dispensary, you’re in luck. Some of Catalano’s mouth-watering dishes are even made with kief if you’ve got some sitting at the bottom of your grinder.

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Vegan Cannabis-Infused Smoothie, Photo Courtesy of The Ganja Kitchen
Jan 7, 2018