The best Christmas gifts for cannabis enthusiasts in 2017

Christmas will be here soon, but there’s still time to pick out the perfect present for the weed lover in your life.

Dec 18, 2017

Photo courtesy of Cloudious9/Photo courtesy of Nug Tools via Instagram

Christmas is creeping up and fast. But there’s still plenty of time to pick up some weed-friendly gifts before the festivities commence. From portable vaporizers to tasty edible treats, picking out the perfect present is hard when you are overwhelmed by options. That’s why HERB has put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for weed lovers. Whether you’ll be treating yourself, a friend, or a family member this year, here are all the best Christmas gifts for cannabis enthusiasts.

The best portable vaporizer

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Photo courtesy of Cloudious9

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect travel vape, then look no further than the Hydrology9 by Cloudious9. Not only does the Hydrology9 deliver the therapeutic potential of a vaporizer, but it also offers an exciting bong-like experience. With its built-in water filtration system, you are rewarded with smoother, cooler hits with fewer carcinogens. And while you’re ripping away, the device will put on a mini light show with its LED light indicators that guide you through a vaporizing experience like no other. The Hydrology9 also provides five precise temperature controls and even heat distribution. There just so happens to be a built-in tool at the bottom of the vape that stirs around your herbs without forcing you to put down the device to do it yourself.

To get your hands on the Hydrology9 today, head on over to Cloudious9’s website here.

The best desktop vaporizer

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Photo courtesy of Vapornation

Of all the desktop vapes, everyone needs the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. Chances are you’ve seen this device pop up on the web a dozen times. That’s because it’s one of the most popular desktop vapes for multiple reasons. In addition to its vapor bag delivery system, the Volcano Digitial Vaporizer, ranging from 104 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, allows you to be as precise with the temperature setting as you like. The device is also as solid as a rock with its German engineering, making it a truly dependable and long-lasting vape. Not to mention, unlike the beloved Classic, the Digital comes equipped with an LED screen that displays both the current and chosen temperature. Oh, and you get all sorts of goodies along with it, including,

  • 1 Air Filter Set
  • 1 Easy Valve Filing Chamber
  • 5 Easy Valve Balloons
  • 5 Easy Valve Mouthpieces
  • 1 Herbal Grinder
  • 1 Easy Valve Liquid Pad
  • 6 Easy Valve Normal Screens
  • 3 Easy Valve Clips
  • 1 Cleaning Tool

If you purchase the Volcano Digital Vaporizer from VaporNation, you can have the device shipped to you for free overnight as a bonus gift. Or, you can select a vape case as your bonus gift if you wish. Click here to get yours while they’re still in stock.

The best dab rig

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Photo courtesy of Smoke Cartel

For all the concentrate lovers out there, here is an apparatus that provides the perfect balance of flavor and airflow. The “Othership” Mothership Inspired Faberge Egg Rig from Smoke Cartel, made of the highest quality glass, is amazingly affordable and easy as pie to pull. Even better, the rig includes a ceramic and domeless nail, plus a carb cap. And thanks to its bent neck, you don’t have to worry about splash-back getting into your mouth.

At the present time, the “Othership” is on sale for 50 percent off, and shipping is free. So if someone you know is in need of a new and outstanding dab rig, check out the device here.

The best mini-rig/bubbler

MJ Arsenal Merlin Joint and blunt bubbler 1475 2048x What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana
Photo courtesy of MJ Arsenal

The Merlin recycler Rollie Bubbler and mini-rig by MJ Arsenal is the most adorable rig you’ll ever see. If you’re always on the move, then you can carry this baby along with you for smooth travel dabs. Or, for those who are tired of burning their fingers while attempting to finish off their joints/blunts, just slide them in and puff away without any hassle.

Thanks to Merlin’s recycler water filtration system, consumers get to enjoy fresher and fuller bodied hits than what they’re used to getting from its predecessors. Each device comes with a 1 Quartz banger and 1 Set of silicone attachments, which includes a carb plug and a banger clip, all for less than 40 bucks. Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer.

To get the Merlin recycler Rollie Bubbler and mini-rig for a friend, and of course, one for yourself, because let’s be real, you know you want one, snatch them up here.

The best portable dab rig

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Photo courtesy of WoahStork

With one quick glance at the Dab Rig by Woahstork, you’ll never dream about purchasing another dab rig as long as you live. Not only does this device come in the form of elegance, but it’s also highly portable and heats up with a press of a button, making dabs on-the-go more convenient and sophisticated than ever. No torch necessary.

The Dab Rig also has a splendid battery life, allowing up to 30 uses per charge, and comes with everything you need, including a container for your dabs and a USB charging cable, all in one protective carrying case. If you act fast, you can score a sweet deal on WoahStork’s Dab Rig, which was initially $159.99 but is now on sale for only $99.99. Plus shipping is free.

To see for yourself why this particular Dab Rig is the last rig you’ll ever need, check out WoahStork’s website here.

The best hand pipe

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Photo courtesy of Twisty Glass

Honestly, can you ever own too many pipes? The Twisty Glass Blunt, in particular, is a hand pipe that every cannabis enthusiast should own. Like 7pipe’s site says, rolling a blunt will never be the same again. Not only can this bad boy store up to 1.5 grams of bud, but it’s also super-duper easy to ash. Unlike most pipes, which require you to bang the ashes out against your hand or trashcan, all you have to do is twist the device and dump. Then, you’re left with fresh herbs for your next sesh.

To adopt a Twisty Glass Blunt and make medicating on-the-go that much more of a breeze, check out 7pipe’s site here.

The best e-grinder

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Photo courtesy of Chew Grinder via Instagram

Electric grinders are all the rage these days. That’s because they offer a simpler way to break down and dispense your bud. The Chewy 2.0, in particular, holds up to three grams of herb and can fill up to three thousand bowls on a single charge. And with its shredding blade technology, you get a perfect grind every time. Whether you desire a grinder that delivers fluffy bud on-the-go or a device that isn’t difficult to clean, the Chewy 2.0 is for you.

For yet another great stocking stuffer, click here to claim your Chewy 2.0.

The best 4-piece grinder

Screenshot 2017 12 08 16.08.15 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana
Photo courtesy of Platinum Grinders via Amazon

Need a little something to help you collect all that good kief? If so, then Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder will get the job done right. In fact, this grinder happens to be Amazon’s best seller. In addition to its affordable price tag, Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder is extra tough and will last a lifetime. And with its super strong magnetic lid, your herbs will stay safe and secure until you’re ready to smoke them.

Head on over to Amazon now and add it to your cart.

The best smoking tool

Screenshot 2017 12 08 16.11.39 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana
Photo courtesy of Nug Tools via Instagram

For a handy accessory that includes everything you could possibly need to help you get your sesh on, feast your eyes on the Nuggy Hybrid. Whether you’re a dabbing, rolling, or packing, this nifty tool can make the process easier. The Nuggy Hybrid comes with a roach clip, knife, paddle, pick, bowl scraper, scoop, and ALOX shell, which can be used as a carb cap.

To grab a Nuggy Hybrid just in time for Christmas, click here to place your order.

The best THC-infused topical

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Photo courtesy of High Gorgeous via Instagram

Swimsuit season or not, cellulite can kick rocks. If you’re ready to get rid of this unwanted skin condition once and for all, then you need Nice Buns by High Gorgeous in your life. Packed with 100 MG of THC/THCa, Nice Buns is the award-winning cellulite treatment that women all over California cannot stop raving about. In addition to being vegan-friendly and paraben free, Nice Buns smells super delicious with its warm cinnamon roll scent.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on Nice Buns online. However, you can find the topical at several dispensaries in Cali, so be sure to call up your favorite ones to see if they have any in stock.

The best CBD-infused topical

Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm Front 1024x1024 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana
Photo courtesy of Cannuka

Are you stuck in a state where cannabis is illegal? If so, no worries, you can still enjoy the healing abilities of the herb with a CBD-infused product, such as Cannuka’s CBD Healing Skin Balm. From softening dry skin to reducing blemishes to easing inflammation, this topical does it all. After just one application, you’ll be amazed at how soft and smooth your skin feels. And it will undoubtedly become your favorite everyday body moisturizer.

To transform your skin this holiday season, head on over to Cannuka’s website here.

The best at-home infuser

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Photo courtesy of Magical Butter

Of course, what kind of gift guide would this be if we didn’t include the MagicalButter machine? If you’ve ever tried making cannabis butter at home, then you know good and well that it’s a daunting, lengthy process. But with MagicalButter, infusing your own butter, tincture, or even lotion is a no-brainer. And it takes little to no time to get the job done. Just drop in your herbs and butter, then press a button and the machine will handle everything else for you. The MagicalButter machine is quite literally the best investment for enthusiasts that love cooking with cannabis but cannot stand the procedure.

If you purchase a MagicalButter machine soon, then there’s still time to whip up some delicious recipes for your upcoming Christmas dinner. To snatch one up, click here.

The best THC-infused edible

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Photo courtesy of Auntie Dolores via Instagram

You know those tin cans you get every Christmas that are filled with different types of popcorn? Rather than sticking to the same old same old, try some Caramel Corn by Auntie Dolores. Unlike the traditional caramel popcorn, these will give you quite the buzz, considering they contain 120 MG of THC. Not to mention, they are gluten-free and non-GMO.

If you have a medical card and want to savor the infused version of your favorite holiday treat, then check out Auntie Dolores’ Caramel Corn here.

The best CBD-infused edible

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Photo courtesy of Lord Jones

For the best all-natural, old-fashioned gummies you’ll ever taste, look no further than Lord Jones‘ High CBD Gumdrops. Each gumdrop contains 20 milligrams of CBD, along with four other simple ingredients: natural fruit flavors, gelatin, citric acid, and sugar. If you’re someone that prefers to stay away from that artificial nonsense, then you best believe you won’t find any of that inside Lord Jones’ products. Aside from being a quick and scrumptious snack, these gumdrops have the potential to relieve pain, ease anxiety, and promote a calm sense of well-being.

In case you have a craving for something sweet this Christmas, here is where you can find Lord Jones’ High CBD Gumdrops.

Dec 18, 2017