The 5 best strains for high yields

Growing marijuana at home can be a daunting task, but these strains will make it a lot easier.

Dec 19, 2017
Strawberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Marijuana is a difficult plant to grow. First, you have to buy the seeds. Then, after weeks of tending to the seedling, you might find that the plant isn’t even a female, and therefore doesn’t grow bud. If you get past this stage, there’s light cycles, pruning methods and PH levels to worry about. Marijuana plants will also turn out different qualities and quantities of bud depending on when they’re harvested, and how precisely they’re grown. Needless to say, after all this struggle, there is nothing more disappointing than a small yield.

Luckily, some plant strains will offer larger yields than others. Knowing which strains are high-yield can mean the difference between harvesting enough bud for a few months, or having enough for the entire year.

Here are the best high-yield strains for those looking to grow the most weed possible:

1.Critical Kush

Best Buds Critical OG 71 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana

Critical Kush is the merging of the two popular strains OG Kush and Critical Mass, so you know it’s not just a quantity yield—it’s quality, too. Aside from having a notably cool strain name, Critical Kush offers users an indica-dominant, relaxing and euphoric high. It’s a great bud for relieving stress and depression, both in the smoking and growing stage, because of its short but powerful growing style. Critical Kush reaches its flowering phase in 7-9 weeks. Just make sure that this strain is grown in a space with consistent moisture levels to avoid mold. It’s best to grow indoors where moisture levels can be more easily monitored and controlled.

2. Super Skunk

Candy Skunk 1 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana

This is another indica-dominant strain. Super Skunk, as one might guess, is known for its pungent aroma and powerful couch-locking properties. Users will feel relaxed, happy, and most likely ready for a nap. Super Skunk is a great strain for beginners to grow, in part due to its brief flowering period and enormous yield. If you are a beginner, though, beware: Super Skunk is extremely potent, and should be smoked accordingly. It’s also reportedly a great strain for dealing with ADD or ADHD.

3. Blue Dream

Allevi8 Blue Dream 39 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana

Another extremely popular strain, Blue Dream is a fantastically easy plant to grow. It’s also a strain that’s designed for the growing conditions of outdoor, California marijuana farms. For this reason, it grows best in a warm, California-style climate. If you’re growing in a non-legal state, just be careful: Blue Dream plants stretch high into the sky and are likely to attract attention. If you can pull it off, the yield is enormous. And best of all, it’s mildew resistant. As for smoking? Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that can lend users creativity, euphoria, and a stress-free high.

4. Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Cheesecake What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana

This hybrid strain is well known for its sweet, fruity and delicious flavour. A cross between Strawberry Cough and OG Kush, it’s a strain that will easily put users to sleep. This strain flowers between 8 and 9 weeks, and is known for its yield to plant-size ratio. If you’re an indoor grower without a lot of room to work with, Strawberry Kush is a great bet for you. It won’t grow skyward like Blue Dream, but its yield is just as impressive. Since it grows best in temperate, mild climates, it’s great for beginners who don’t have much experience balancing moisture and heat levels.

5. White Widow

Toronto Dispensary White Rhino 11 What needs to happen for Vermont to legalize marijuana

White Widow has had legendary status among weed connoisseurs for decades. And rightly so. It’s a strain that pleases users and growers alike, due to its high yield and potent, cerebral high. This strain won’t give you social anxiety, and it’s great to smoke before performing a creative task. It grows moderately high, and reaches flowering between 7 to 9 weeks. It’s also a mold and pest resistant strain. For best results, grow this strain indoors.

Dec 19, 2017