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Three young adults sitting infront of a music concert talking about best vaporizer for concerts

The Must-Have Vaporizer for Music Festival Season Has Arrived

For music-lovers and cannabis-lovers everywhere, summer means one thing—its concert season.

Jun 6, 2018 - HERB
Presented By Flowermate

Photo by South_Agency via Getty Images

Three young adults sitting infront of a music concert talking about best vaporizer for concerts

Photo by South_Agency via Getty Images

Reasons to love summer time? Sunshine, bathing suits, and week-long music festivals far away from home. However, as many Herbivores know best, no road trip and camp out is complete without plenty of delectable, tasty dry herb.  Yet, taking your favorite herbal blends and concentrates into concerts and festivals can be tricky. For those hoping for a low-key and hassle-free botanical experience, you’re probably on the hunt for the best vaporizer for concerts this summer.

Fortunately, Flowermate has just the vaporizer for the job. The Flowermate V5 Nano, a much-awaited addition to Flowermate’s reputable V Series, has arrived. Just in time for summer!  Finally, Herbivores everywhere can enjoy smooth aromatherapy vapor from both dry herb strains and concentrates with a simple portable vape. Potent and delicious, prepare yourself for some high-quality vaporization.

A Dry Herb & Concentrate Vaporizer Designed For Sharing

You’ll be puff-puff-passing for five minutes straight with the Flowermate V5 Nano. Intuitive and ideal for sharing, the V5 Nano will stay active for five full minutes after turning on the device. Want to keep the party going? Simply double click the power button for an extended vapor session.

Featuring a chamber that holds up to 0.4 grams of dry herb, this compact device can pack a big punch. However, the mighty machine can also process a lot more than flower. Excellent for herb lovers of all types, this device is one of the top new portable vaporizers for concentrates, oils, and dry herb combined.

Worried about battery life? The V5 Nano uses a removable 18650 2500mAh battery that can be quickly recharged with a USB charging cable. For those heading out for a long weekend outdoors, bring a solar charger along! Or, simply charge up a spare to have on hand in case emergency strikes.

The Must Have Vaporizer for Concert Season Has Arrived New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Photo courtesy of Flowermate


This Discrete & Classic Aromatherapy Device Is The Best Vaporizer For Concerts

With its triple flower-concentrate-oil action, the Flowermate V5 Nano features many of the luxuries of a tabletop vape compacted down into a discrete and comfortable portable size. Smaller than your standard smartphone, this vape is easily disguised by the palm of your hand.

A compact size means that it easily fits into your pocket, purse, or bookbag without adding substantial weight. Its sleek black finish produces a classic and understated look, making it easy to draw on the sly and look good doing it.

Unlike smoking, the V5 Nano produces very little odor. While a light botanical fragrance graces the exhale, this mellow device is unintrusive and easy to enjoy even among the company of those who don’t partake in botanical delights.

Taste Champion Among Vaporizers

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as inhaling a flavorful burst of herbal aromatherapy while enjoying some smooth jams on a hot summer afternoon. With a black ceramic chamber, a removable glass mouthpiece, and stainless steel concentrate pods, the Flowermate V5 Nano is a truly high-quality machine that delivers excellent taste with minimum hassle.

Heat settings can be customized between 104-446°F (40-230°C) and are adjusted via an easy-to-read digital display, giving you full control over how hot and heavy you’d like your pulls. The lower the temperature, the lighter the flavor and the milder the experience.

A truly excellent aromatherapy device to take on the go, this innovative machine was created for enhanced portability, experience, and shareability. If you’re looking for a hardy and reliable device to get you through your next music festival, it’s hard to pass up the Flowermate V5 Nano.

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