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The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game

These Vaporizers And Kits Are Perfect For Experienced Vape Fans

These four best vaporizers for experts will take your vaping experience to higher levels.

Jun 10, 2018 - Brittney Sanger

Photo by DaVinci Vaporizer via Facebook)

The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game

Photo by DaVinci Vaporizer via Facebook)

Are you bored with your vape lately? Have you been using it for so long that you could operate it with your eyes shut? If so, then perhaps it’s high time to shed your rookie status and your dullsville device in exchange for a brand new vape fit for a Kush God or Goddess. The best vaporizers for experts aren’t just about getting the job done. They are about going above and beyond to satisfy your every desire.

The best vaporizers for experts provide endless possibilities and even customized highs

As a pro that’s puffed on a pen or ten in their day, it’s okay to want more options. And you better believe that’s what you’ll get with vaporizers for experts. Take a wide variety of temperature settings, for example. In case you didn’t know, you can control how high you get by using a vape’s temperature settings. From a mellow buzz to a cloud nine type of high, vaporizers for experts can take you places an ordinary vape pen can’t thanks to their broad temperature ranges.

Versatility is another attractive feature that many vaporizers for experts have to offer. Whether you’re craving a dab of liquid gold or sticky bud covered in orange pistils, you don’t need two separate vapes to enjoy the two best forms of Mary Jane. All you need is that one vape that does it all.

Although they come off as gimmicky, vapes that come with an app can provide master herbivores with even more possibilities. For instance, timing the length of your session. So many vapes boast lengthy sessions, but you never really know if you’re getting your money’s worth unless you set a timer. Not everyone can keep an eye on the clock, so why not let an advanced vaporizer keep track for you?

Vaporizers for experts come with a world of opportunities. Not only do they spice up your sessions, but they also put you in control. For the best vapes for the crème de la crème of vapers, have a look at these four devices that are ahead of the game.

1. VapeXhale Cloud EVO

The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Photo courtesy of VapeXhale via

If you’re a flower fanatic, or a concentrate connoisseur, looking for the most advanced tabletop unit around, then check out the VapeXhale Cloud Evo. The Cloud Evo is the first versatile device on the list of best vaporizers for experts. In just three minutes, this powerful vape heats up and prepares to serve you with dense and delicious vapor props to convection heating and an all-glass pathway. Aside from a glass mouthpiece, the Cloud Evo comes with a glass Hydratube to further filter and smoothen out vapor for mega comfortable draws.

If your friends are as skilled with a vape as you are, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Cloud Evo also features a detachable power cord to make passing it around the vaper’s circle a breeze. However, you certainly won’t be bored having a one-on-one sesh with this vape. There is a variety of Hydratubes available to try out that will fit snuggly on its 18mm connection, each of which offers a unique level of diffusion and flow. To top it all off, the Cloud Evo even offers a wide temperature range (200F at 7:00 to 500F at 5:00), so you can have fun toying with that to boot.

2. DaVinci IQ

4The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Photo courtesy of DaVinci via

For a vape with smarts, consider the DaVinci IQ the genius of portable dry herb vaporizers. From precision temperature control to a Bluetooth app that monitors the length of each session, plus much more, the IQ is one of the best vaporizers for experts. Whether you prefer a short and sweet round of puffs or long and powerful draws, this vaporizer puts you in control with Precision Mode, Boost Mode, and Smart Paths.

Boost Mode automatically sets your vape to the highest temp setting with a press of a button for on-demand hits that pack a punch, and then upon release, cools down the device instantly. Precision Mode, however, allows you to create and maintain a precise temperature for an entire session. As for the Smart Paths, there are precisely four to choose from, which feature pre-set temp settings so that you can decide what effects you’re looking for, from increased focus to a burst of energy.

3. Arizer Extreme Q 

2The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Photo courtesy of Arizer via

Another one of the best tabletop vaporizers for experts is the Arizer Extreme Q. Not only does the Extreme Q give you precise temperature control, but it also offers a bunch of nifty ways to consume your dry herbs. Each unit includes whips, which are great to use when sharing smooth and tasty hits with friends, as well as balloon bags that you can fill up, detach, and puff on anywhere in the house. There’s also a remote control included in the setup that you can use to control the Extreme Q from a distance. And for aromatherapy and deodorization, there’s even an aromatherapy dish.

4. Pax 3- Complete Kit

1 The 4 best vaporizers for experts at the game New Yorks Health Department To Recommend The State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Photo courtesy of Pax via

When it comes to temperature settings, this portable, and stylish dry herb vape, has got you covered. There are over 60 different settings, to be exact, which makes the Pax 3 one of the best vaporizers for experts that want plenty of setting to choose from, and then some. The Pax 3 also features a 2X powerful oven and a 22-second heat-up time to go along with it. Furthermore, it’s yet another genius vape, like the IQ, only unlike the IQ, the Pax 3 has lip and motion sensors.

When its pressed to your lips, the Pax 3 brings the heat. And when you step away, it shuts down, all on its own. Oh, and with the complete kit, you get a half-pack oven lid, which requires less herb to carry you straight to cloud nine. Also, the complete Pax 3 package is versatile and includes a concentrate insert for when you have your heart set on consuming your favorite waxes and oils.

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