Discover why vaporizers that can connect to your phone are more than just a gimmick

Find out how Bluetooth compatible vaporizers are more than just a gimmick

May 16, 2018
3 Vaporizers that can connect to your phone

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Cell phones play such a prominent role in our daily lives that it comes as no surprise that many vaporizers are now Bluetooth compatible. Vaporizers that can connect to your phone allow you to control the temperature, track your usage, ask questions and more, all from within an app. Most of us are on our phones so often, using it to control our vaping experience just makes sense.

Vaporizers that can connect to your phone offer the ultimate discretion and convenience

Bluetooth compatible vaporizers also let you keep your device concealed for as long as possible, only taking it out of your bag, pocket or purse when it reaches temperature and ready for your draw. Here’s a look at the three best vaporizers that can connect to your phone.


PAX3 Manhattans District Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Low Level Cannabis Crimes
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‘PAX Mobile’ is an easy-to-use app that gives you access to temperature and flavor options that are only available for your PAX 3 through the app. It also allows you to set a security lock to prevent others from using it, making the PAX 3 one of the smartest vaporizers that can connect to your phone.

The Android and iOS app allows you to choose your desired temperature right down to the degree. This gives you full control over your session as you can decide what kind of flavor and vapor you prefer.

It also gives you access to different Dynamic Modes that each focus on a different aspect of your session.

  • Standard Mode: default factory setting that boosts temperature when needed and cools not needed
  • Stealth Mode: fast cooldowns between draws
  • Boost Mode: for when you want vapor at your personalized temperature setting
  • Flavor Mode: optimizes for flavor and on-demand vapor production
  • Efficiency Mode: perfect when you have a low battery, it increases the oven temperature automatically

The ability to set a lock your PAX 3 is another genius feature from PAX Labs. Not only does this prevent pesky roommates from using it without you, but it also helps keep youngsters safe if they end up getting ahold of it. This provides peace of mind knowing you’re a responsible cannabis lover. $199.99.


CRAFTY Manhattans District Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Low Level Cannabis Crimes
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The Crafty from Storz & Bickel connects seamlessly to ‘Crafty Remote Control.’ The app allows you to personalize your vape, right down to adjusting the default temperature settings, changing the automatic shutoff timer and using a vibration feature to locate your vaporizer when it’s lost. Along with being Android and iOS compatible, these features,  make the Crafty one of the top vaporizers that can connect to your phone.

Being able to reprogram the default temperature settings means you’ll get the exact flavors and vapor you’re looking for in each draw. You can try each temperature until you find one that provides the vape experience you want, or dial-up your tried and tested favorites right away. That way, every time you use your phone to power up your vaporizer, it will heat to this personalized setting. This reprogramming makes for an effortless experience tailored to your tastes. Turning on and preheating your vape without even having to touch it adds a layer of discretion to this powerful portable vaporizer.

You can also adjust the automatic shutoff timer. The auto-shutoff can be extended from 60 seconds all the way up to five minutes. The app will show you a countdown which is great if you’re passing the device around with friends. This feature can help to extend your battery life, buying you some extra time so you don’t have to worry about your portable vaporizer shutting off mid-draw.

The app boasts a ‘Find My Crafty’ feature, which is exactly what it sounds like. Tapping this button in the app makes your Crafty vibrate and its lights blink. This feature comes in handy for the forgetful among us. It also saves you time and stress when you want to squeeze a quick vape sesh in before heading out the door. $250.99.

Firefly 2

‘Firefly Vapor’ is the app that gives Firefly 2 users an all-access pass to their device. The app allows you to update your device’s features and performance. By connecting your Firefly 2 to the app, you’re delivering firmware updates that can optimize your vaporizer’s key functions. Rather than having to go out and buy a brand new vaporizer because you’ve outgrown your current one’s features, Firefly actually continues to send out upgrades that make your vaporizer feel brand new.

For example, the Firefly 2 used to offer six pre-set temperatures. Now, it provides 31 pre-sets. More options mean you’re more likely to find a setting that offers the flavor and vapor you’re looking for. It also doesn’t hurt that the temperature selector is a fun visual slider that actually heats your vaporizer in real-time as you slide your finger along it.

In the app, you can choose to adjust the temperature directly from the device instead of the app. This is convenient for those times you want to unplug from your phone and enjoy some quality time with your Firefly 2. You can also connect to the official Firefly website, social media feed and blog, all from within the app. That’s all your Firefly needs, addressed in one handy location. $329.95.

These hi-tech vaporizers are proof that the best Bluetooth integration is more than just bells and whistles. The best vaporizers that can connect to your phone provide a convenience, discretion and easy way to integrate your session into your other technology.


May 16, 2018