Save your wallet and your lungs with the four best vaporizers under 50 dollars

You don’t have to blow a whole cheque to enjoy the cleanest method of consuming your cannabis.

May 17, 2018
The Best Vaporizers under 50 dollars, Atmos

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The fact that it costs next to nothing to pick up a pack of rolling papers is reason enough to put off vape shopping. But if you’re looking to enjoy those beneficial cannabinoids to the fullest extent, and without the carcinogens that come with smoking, then a vaporizer is the best way to consume your dearest herb. Not only does vaping feel cleaner than smoking, but it also makes the flavors and aromas of each strain that much more seductive. And would you believe that a joint only delivers 25% THC or less?

The Best Vaporizers Under 50 Dollars

Studies show that unlike smoking, vaporizing can convert 46% of THC into vapor. That’s almost double the dose as a joint. That technically makes vaporizers more affordable, and effective. If your ready to make the transition from smoking to vaping, but not for a device that is going to hurt your wallet, then here are the best vaporizers under 50 dollars.

1. Black Mamba

If you’re searching for one of the best vaporizers under 50 dollars for dry herbs, then meet the Black Mamba. The Black Mamba gets its name honestly as it holds up to an enormous 0.65 grams of bud. Thanks to its spacious chamber, this portable powerhouse of a vape provides long, enjoyable sessions anywhere on-the-go.

In a blink of an eye, the Black Mamba heats up and prepares itself to delivers ample vapor that’s both flavorful and smooth. You won’t find many other vapes out there with a heat-up time of two seconds. That’s for certain.

The Black Mamba also happens to be one of the longest-lasting portable vapes on the market. For up to two hours, this curvy unit offers a premium vape experience at a low cost to its user. And it comes with five pre-set temperatures, so it’s convenient to boot.

2. Atmos DHK Advanced

For all the concentrate aficionados out there, the Atmos DHK Advanced is among the best vaporizers under 50 dollars when it comes to savoring one of the most potent forms of cannabis. The Atmos DHK Advanced is as powerful as a rig but without all the bells and whistles. It features an advanced heating chamber, delivering only the purest of experiences. Never will you have to worry about your delicate waxes coming into contact with an exposed coil while having a sesh with the Atmos DHK Advanced.

The Atmos DHK Advanced is also slim and compact. If you’re one to stay running the streets or are a full-time multi-tasker,  then this pen-style is perfect. Just toss the Atmos DHK Advanced into your pocket when it’s not in use and pull it out when you’re ready for a second, third, or fiftieth puff. It can all be done with a press of a single button at any time and anyplace.

3. Atmos Jump

Another one of the best vaporizers under 50 dollars for dry herbs is the Atmos Jump. On a full charge, the Atmos Jump vaporizer pen offers stellar performance for up to six sessions, just like an authentic vape, only a lot less complicated. One button is all it takes to gear the Atmos Jump up for smooth, delicious puffs of herb. And if for any reason you need to pause mid-session, the vaporizer will shut off after five seconds automatically.

Although it’s slim and appears as though it could effortlessly be snapped in half, the Atmos Jump is highly durable and compact. Drop this baby on the ground, and you can almost bet that it won’t catch a dent. That’s all thanks to its carbon fiber exterior, which serves as a protective shell against clumsy consumers.

4. G-Pen Slim Quartz

An additional vape for wax and concentrate connoisseurs is the G-Pen Slim Quartz. The G-Pen Slim Quartz, featuring a quartz rod atomizer and an all-glass chamber, is quite possibly the easiest way to vaporize your favorite extracts, and that cleanest too. To begin a session, you merely remove the mouthpiece, drop in the sticky-icky, and give the power button a press. Whether it’s before starting your daily 9 to 5 or when you’re sinking into the bed and putting on a good movie, the G-Pen Slim Quartz makes consuming the concentrated form of cannabis as chill as can be. For less than 25 bucks, you might as well get two. One for you, and one for a fellow wax fanatic in need.


May 17, 2018