These Are The 5 Best Weed Grinders In The World Today

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Invest in one of these to save time, money and weed.

Jul 8, 2018
5 Best Weed Grinders

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Most herbivores would agree there’s almost nothing worse than trying to use a dull grinder to bust up precious buds. Some weed grinders get dull too fast, while others lose their threading and won’t stay closed anymore. Grinding your weed makes a huge difference to your smoke sessions, letting your dried herb burn more evenly for a more flavorful experience that saves your stash. We’ve scoured the wide world of weed to pick out the very best weed grinders so you can enjoy more flavorful sessions and less wasted weed.

The best weed grinders save you weed, money and time.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for the best weed grinders. Grinders should be easy to use and durable enough to drop or toss in your bag without breaking opening and wasting your weed. Grinders vary in size depending what you want yours to do. Along with slicing through flower, some collect kief while others do not. The best weed grinders will be durable enough to last forever which saves you money and time. Investing in one of the best weed grinders means you can spend more money on your stash. These are the five best weed grinders.

Santa Cruz Jumbo 4” Shredder

Available in metallic black, blue and pink, the Jumbo 4” Shredder from Santa Cruz is a 4 piece herbal grinder designed to tear through dry herbs. As one of the best weed grinders, the teeth of this grinder deliver fluffy shredded herbs. This preserves the natural flavors and aromas of your weed. Featuring a woven non-fraying stainless steel screen, this grinder will easily sift all the kief from your flower while filtering out any dust or impurities.  This shredder is built to withstand vigorous use for a really long time, making it a worthwhile investment. The medical-grade anodized aluminum is free of toxins and contaminants that could end up in your stash. The aluminum won’t warp or come loose and it locks in freshness and odor.

The Wolf Medium Grinder

The Wolf 2 Part Medium Pocket Aluminum Grinder provides a high-quality grind without a big price tag. This is one of the best weed grinders for herbivores travel since it’s so compact. The magnet that holds the 2 pieces together is strong enough to withstand being tossed into a packing bag. The 28 razor-sharp teeth slice through nugs easily and the sifter screen catches kief. It has a cool design and works so well it’ll have you howlin’. The medium size 2″ diameter is the most popular.

SLX Non-stick Pocket Grinder

The SLX 2.0 Non-Stick Pocket Grinder is ideal for herb-lovers who love smoking that sticky weed. Thanks to the ceramic coating on the inside of the grinder, dry herbs won’t gunk up this little tool even after months of use. Wipe it down every now and then and you’ll never have to part with this grinder. Made from durable, long-lasting aluminum, it’s no wonder the SLX made it onto our list of best weed grinders. Even though it’s a 4-piece grinder, it’s small enough to bring with you on all your adventures.

Space Case Grinder

Space Grinders are among the best weed grinders because they’re lightweight and durable. With Teflon O-rings on the inside, the grinder turns smoothly without getting caught. This makes it super easy to grind up your bud without any friction. The part that you actually load herb into is so big that you can stuff it with some pretty big nugs. With a strong magnetic lid, you don’t have to worry about any spillage when you toss it in your backpack or purse.

Black Tie Grinder

The Black Tie Grinder is accepted as one of the best weed grinders out there. This 2.5-inch grinder is built from durable anodized aluminum. Even the teeth are made from this aluminum which guarantees perfectly ground herbs. Featuring a sifter made from micron mesh, The Black Tie Grinder doesn’t let a single part of your bud go to waste. Sprinkle the kief into your joint or bowl when you’re feeling like you need an extra kick. The company also makes a Pink Bow Grinder if you’re looking for a his-and-hers match.

These are the best weed grinders because they’re easy to use and durable. Using the best weed grinders save you money, time and weed.

Jul 8, 2018