Blue Widow: The Perfect Strain To Use In Edible Desserts

Searching for a great strain to share with friends and family? Blue Widow is a laid-back and happy hybrid with slight indica-dominant effects.

Dec 26, 2016

Blue Widow is a low-key hybrid meant for sharing. Beloved by both recreational and medical cannabis consumers, Blue Widow provides a balanced experience that leans toward sleepy. You are unlike to find yourself glued to the couch with this strain, but it does provide some very pleasant, dreamy effects. Break out this bud the next time you’re spending time with your favorite people (pending the legal status in your region, of course).

Strain details

Blue Widow A  1 Will Cannabis Be Seen As Medicine Under New International Law?
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Blue Widow is a Dinafem Seeds creation. A cross between Blueberry and White Widow, Blue Widow has inherited a sleepy, indica-dominant high.

Blueberry is an indica strain that has parented many famous strains, including Blue Dream. White Widow is an old school hybrid famous for its strong head-to-toe high.

Though Blue Widow comes from renowned, award-winning parents, it typically features mild to moderate THC levels. On average, this strain features 14 to 16% of the psychoactive.

Though this might be a little on the light side for some die-hard cannabis fans out there, the moderate potency is excellent for inexperienced consumers or those with a low tolerance.

Blue Widow is a great strain to use while making edible desserts. The aroma of this fruity and sweet, taking much after its famous Blueberry heritage. This sweetness still lingers in the flavor, coupled with an earthiness present in most cannabis strains.

The Blue Widow experience

Blue Widow A  2 Will Cannabis Be Seen As Medicine Under New International Law?
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The Blue Widow high is fairly balanced, though it errs indica-dominant. Overall, consumers often get a decent dose of bliss and joy, accompanied by a comfortable physical relaxation.

The cerebral effects of Blue Widow make it appropriate for daytime and afternoon use, though this may not be the best wake and bake strain in the world.

In moderate doses, couch-lock is unlikely with this one. Those who prefer higher doses may find that this strain is a little on the sedative side.

However, the mental effects of this strain typically come on first. A quick sense of euphoria is mellowed out by a slow-coming yet long-lasting body high.

Blue Widow is not the best choice for an invigorating social gathering. Some might find that the experience is better suited for a relaxed dinner out or some down time with friends or family.

This strain has a reputation for inspiring a case of the giggles or two, making it a nice one to share.

Why do people use Blue Widow?

Blue Widow A  3 Will Cannabis Be Seen As Medicine Under New International Law?
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For recreational consumers, this is the perfect low-key hybrid for spending time with loved ones. Silly and upbeat, this strain provides some serious smiles.

However, its relaxed nature will likely make you want to sit down and enjoy the company rather than venture out for excitement.

Medical consumers have many reasons to love this strain. Though it can be a little on the sedative side, it is a solid daytime option for those seeking relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms.

The Blue Widow high has a slight numbing quality, making limbs feel pleasantly heavy and relieving tension.

Additionally, many medical cannabis patients pick it up for mental health conditions. Those with depression and chronic stress often gravitate toward this crystally bud.

It is also popular for those with insomnia, thanks to the slightly drowsy experience.

Dec 26, 2016