Ever Wondered What Kind Of Bong Snoop Dogg Prefers? Here Is Our Celebrity Bong Round Up

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Jul 2, 2018
5 bongs that celebrities smoke

(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Celebrities; they’re just like us. Most herbivores can name at least a few of their fave celebrities who love getting elevated. From Snoop Dogg to Natalie Portman, lots of celebrities aren’t shy about smoking weed. In case you want to upgrade your smoke-sesh to celeb level, these are the bongs that celebrities smoke.

Some bongs that celebrities smoke are actually pretty affordable.

It might surprise you to find that the bongs that celebrities smoke aren’t much different than the bong you’d own yourself. While some celebs flex bongs that are worth thousands of dollars, others stick to the more affordable classics that prove that there are cheap bongs that smoke like a dream. From familiar brands like Pure Glass and RooR all the way to the massive Armageddon, these are the 5 best bongs that celebrities smoke.

1. 10-Arm Single Tree Perc Bong from Pure Glass

In perhaps the most epic of parenting moves, Snoop Dogg and his son take a couple hits from the frosted blue 10-Arm Single Tree Perc Bong by Pure Glass in this photo. This 20-inch tall bong is handcrafted in Los Angeles from pure scientific glass and delivers some seriously big hits. When the photo surfaced, Snoop told The Hollywood Reporter, “My kids can do whatever the hell they want… For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical.” Snoop even released his very own line of bongs and pipes.

The picture is not on Instagram anymore, but Snoop’s son, Cordell Broadus, stills posts plenty of pictures of him and his dad looking happy together. A family that smokes together, stays together.

2. Rastafari by RooR

His friendship with Snoop and love for weed make it no surprise that Wiz Khalifa is on the list of bongs that celebrities smoke. In a YouTube video from 2015, Wiz takes a huge hit from the Rastafari Bong by RooR. This 21-inch tall bong is made of hand-blown heavy-duty glass. The rapper and actor lights a big bowl and inhales like an absolute pro. 

3. White-out Space Monkey Coil Beaker from Illadelph Glass

Miley Cyrus smokes the White-out Space Monkey Coil Beaker from Illadelph Glass in an Instagram photo from April 20, 2015. Posted on 420, Miley lights a pretty big bowl to celebrate what she calls the “best day of da year” in a hashtag on the post.

Illadelph started in Philadelphia in 2002 with a focus on creating high-end borosilicate glass products. Since then, Illadelph has become a prominent brand of bongs that celebrities smoke. Wiz Khalifa has also been seen smoking from an Illadelph bong.

4. Stundenglass by Lazydaze Counter Culture

Seth Rogen was ripped after just one hit from the Studenglass by Lazydaze Counter Culture. Seth shared a post with the caption “I coughed for the next 25 minutes as my wonderful wife laughed at me” on Instagram in April of this year (2018). This massive gravity bong has a unique water design and battery-free motor. It has 180-degree rotation and provides a super smooth smoking experience.

5. Armageddon by M&M Tech

The 2015 GQ web series ‘Most Expensive Shit’ shows rapper 2 Chainz smoking what is probably one of the most expensive bongs that celebrities smoke. Ringing in at $10K, the Armageddon by M&M Tech is a monstrous bong that creates lots of bubbles and ginormous rips – if you can pull hard enough.

The rapper struggles to clear the tube of the Armageddon. If you do clear it, you’ll be destroyed, making the name of this masterpiece very suitable.

Jul 2, 2018