Watch: Smoke A Bread Baguette Pipe, The New Way To Enjoy Brunch

If you find yourself in the mood for a creative way to enjoy the herb with your coffee this morning, why not smoke out of a bread baguette pipe?

You might be saying to yourself: It’s the perfect warm day for a nice brunch, how about some espresso, some cubed cheese, a yogurt parfait, and a baguette on this lovely Tuscan veranda… well, anything is possible. If you find yourself in the mood for a creative way to enjoy the herb aperitif with your coffee, why not try smoking out of a bread baguette pipe?

Step 1: Coring it out

This is a matter of finding a tool, like chopsticks or a spoon handle, that is longer than your loaf of bread. Start out with a thinner tool, then continue coring with thicker diameters until you have a good path for the smoke. You want to do this gradually, otherwise, you can ruin the structure of the bread.

Step 2: Bowl hole

With scissors or a knife, the next step is to cut out the intake hole. Because of the stiffness of the crust, a sharp object is necessary.

Step 3: Poke in that joint

Just push your joint firmly into the hole, or your bowl stem if that is what you are using. With a joint, you will want a smooth hole through the loaf, with no sharp edges. Because burning the bread is a bad idea, and the porous loaf won’t hold herb well, don’t try it without a method for holding the bud above the loaf.

Step 4: Blocking the end

If you don’t want a steamroller style hit, simply wad up some of the bread from the inside that came out when you were coring it, make a plug, and cap the open end of the bread.

Step 5: Smoke and enjoy

Just like any other hitter, light it up and enjoy! For the best draw, cover the open end of the bread with a palm, to prevent suction loss. When you are done, maybe enjoy that smoked bread baguette pipe with some smoked salmon pate or a smoked cheese spread! I’m sure the flavor combination will satisfy even the most urbane munchies.

What is the most unusual thing you have ever used to smoke weed? Are there any lurid disaster tales in your past? Share your triumphs and humorous tragedies on social media or in the comments below.